[Parts] 18″ 5.56 SPR Upper – $400

[Parts] 18″ 5.56 SPR Upper – $400


[Parts] 18″ 5.56 SPR Upper – $400

11 reviews for [Parts] 18″ 5.56 SPR Upper – $400

  1. GrandCowboy

    *If you legit burn out a barrel, like 10,000-25,000 rounds, and the barrel becomes inaccurate I will rebarrel it for you for free. Good luck.*

    At current ammo prices, if you legit shot out the barrel with 15-25k+ rounds — and just dropped a new car worth of value on ammo, you sure as $&@% aren’t probably calling this guy up to rebarrel your upper for $200, lol! So good on him and pretty safe bet. Nice!

  2. meowm35

    “Dimpling – Double Dimpled (first time using a Dimpling Jig, Some of them are not pretty, but all of them are completely Functional) ”




  3. panda1876

    Y’all heard of larue tactical…well this cousin laurú. The ú makes it fancy. He drives Iroc z and gives the ladies what they need. SPR stands for super precise real talk.

  4. RyDuke

    Who the fuck took those product photos? It’s like looking at an upper while wasted

  5. djburn831

    This vs palmetto state armory?

  6. CrocodileCunnilingus

    Jesus this is a crazy good price. Literally a complete upper gb/tube/bcg/ch and everything. Just built something like this much more like $500

  7. mjisdagoat23

    I’m thinking about getting the 11.5 for $360. Nitride barrel with bcg and ch. Pretty good price. Love his YouTube channel. He pretty knowledgeable about this stuff.

  8. Smacked_Juicebox

    Seems like a decent deal. It’s like hunting for budget stuff or blow out deals and assembling it. I think I saw those barrels get down to like 110 bucks during sales.

    There are worse things than having someone do the price hunting and assembly for you though, especially when new to this stuff. Given that this includes the bcg it’s a decent deal for people who dont want to assemble their own ARs.

    That said, I have trouble believing the reported accuracy. Reliably sub-moa results with a 4150 mass manufactured barrels seems unlikely to me. Sure, some of the barrels sold might be that good, but i cant imagine they all are. That would be bonkers and make BA one of the best barrel companies out there. Yes, with some ammo the 4150 BA barrel I owned would be right around MOA, but it was ammo picky and that was only when cold.

  9. trumpcare2k15

    https://youtu.be/O76Tz1V7iig check out his YouTube channel

  10. Excalibur106

    In for one! 18″ uppers seem to be in short supply nowadays.

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