[Parts] 15% off JAG Composites Carbon Fiber Handguards with code “Memorial15”

[Parts] 15% off JAG Composites Carbon Fiber Handguards with code “Memorial15”


[Parts] 15% off JAG Composites Carbon Fiber Handguards with code “Memorial15”

15 reviews for [Parts] 15% off JAG Composites Carbon Fiber Handguards with code “Memorial15”

  1. andyglidewell

    Memorial Day Sale at JAG Composites. These are the lightest handguards you can get for your AR-15.

  2. sixcharlie

    I have two of these now. They are excellent. I legit though the box was empty when it got here.

    Can’t say enough good things about them.

  3. Hurricaneshand

    Can’t wait to put it on my AR so I can add 5 lbs of unnecessary attachments and negate the weight savings

  4. ATK42

    These are awesome handguards. I own one – installation was a breeze.

  5. uname_-a

    Just did a comp today with mine and love it damn light and thin af.

  6. IllusoryDrake

    In for one! Hope it’s better than the Coda Evolution handguard I was eyeing….

  7. OdinWolfe

    Are these US-made?

  8. MisterMasterCylinder

    Been eyeing one of these for a while for my sorta-WWSD/sorta-3-gun rifle. Finally took the plunge, looking forward to getting it

  9. homemadeammo42

    I fucking love these handguards and they are on three of my guns now. Anyone who is considering this or coda, get this. Same price point. This is lighter. This is a MUCH easier install. This doesnt have branding in your face on the side of your gun.

    The only thing that might be a consideration is if you want to put a rifle suppressor inside the handguard, it’s going to have to be thin. This also doesnt have mlok on the 45s. Neither of those were an issue for me.

  10. GarththeGarth

    Would cutting m-lok mounting holes at 2 o’clock near the muzzle ruin the hand guards structural integrity/cause the carbon fiber layers to separate? Alternatively do arisaka offset mounts fit these bad boys?

  11. CarsGunsBeer

    How impact resistant are CF handguards?

  12. JimmiBond

    Great product and excellent customer service, 10/10 would buy again

  13. philipokmolotok

    This makes me want to build an AR

  14. russellc6

    What’s the inside diameter?

  15. Blackoutmasta

    Are they sold out or something they aren’t there

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