[Parts] 15-20% Off AR 15 Barrels| BA, Criterion Hybrids, FN America | Code “Puppers” | More in comments

[Parts] 15-20% Off AR 15 Barrels| BA, Criterion Hybrids, FN America | Code “Puppers” | More in comments


[Parts] 15-20% Off AR 15 Barrels| BA, Criterion Hybrids, FN America | Code “Puppers” | More in comments

6 reviews for [Parts] 15-20% Off AR 15 Barrels| BA, Criterion Hybrids, FN America | Code “Puppers” | More in comments

  1. Chinlander

    Wasn’t gonna start a new build for a couple months but I’m in for a barrel. Self control is fuckin 10-ply bud

  2. Thoraxe474

    Get this guy a puppers

  3. portergaud

    Just had Ballistic Advantage 20″ .223 Wylde barrels delivered if anyone’s interested: [https://portersbasement.com/product/ballistic-advantage-20-dmr-stainless-rifle-length-223-wylde/](https://portersbasement.com/product/ballistic-advantage-20-dmr-stainless-rifle-length-223-wylde/)

  4. portergaud

    Happy Sunday! Need to clear out some inventory for a ton of new products and backorders coming in the next few weeks.

    – 15% off AR 15 Barrels with code “Puppers”
    – 15% off most of the store with code “Ferda”. Some exclusions apply.
    – Holosun – add to cart + “Ferda” for best price

    What’s in stock:
    – [1x Daniel Defense DDM4V7 Complete Upper](https://portersbasement.com/product/daniel-defense-ddm4v7-complete-upper/)
    – [FN America 14.7″ M4 Contour (no code needed, free shipping in cart)](https://portersbasement.com/product/fn-america-ar-15-14-7-hf-carbine-gas/)
    -[Surefire QD Wardens FDE](https://portersbasement.com/product/surefire-qd-warden/)
    – [16″ Criterion Hybrid Barrels](https://portersbasement.com/product/criterion-hybrid-16-mid-length-gas-223-wylde/)
    – [Ballistic Advantage barrels](https://portersbasement.com/product-category/ar-15-barrels/ballistic-advantage/)
    – [Dead Air Armament](https://portersbasement.com/brand/dead-air-armament/)
    – [Holosun Optics](https://portersbasement.com/product-category/accessories/optics/)
    – [FCD Parts](https://portersbasement.com/brand/forward-controls-design/)
    – [Radian Parts](https://portersbasement.com/brand/radian/)
    – [Emisarry Development Handbrakes](https://portersbasement.com/brand/emissary-development/)
    – [YHM Muzzle Devices and Adaptors](https://portersbasement.com/brand/yhm/)
    – [Obsidian Arms punch sets and other tools](https://portersbasement.com/product-category/tools/)
    – [Letterkenny and Porter’s Basement stickers](https://portersbasement.com/product-category/merch/)

    Follow us on IG [PortersBasement](https://www.instagram.com/portersbasement/). And as always, email us with any questions, comments or concerns! [info@portersbasement.com](mailto:info@portersbasement.com).

    – Porter

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  6. Acceptable_North_117

    Why can’t y’all have in stock black radian talon 🥲

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