[Parts] $139.97 BA Hanson 10.3 300BLK

[Parts] $139.97 BA Hanson 10.3 300BLK


[Parts] $139.97 BA Hanson 10.3 300BLK

4 reviews for [Parts] $139.97 BA Hanson 10.3 300BLK

  1. derfdog

    8.3 hanson also available for $20 ish more https://www.righttobear.com/Ballistic-Advantage-8-3-300-BLK-Hanson-Barrel-p/babl300002f.htm

    **Use code 1776, forgot that in title**

  2. tarvijron

    Shows $169 for me

  3. Madhatt623

    So what’s the selling point out the Hanson barrels? Looking at getting one but don’t know the difference

  4. derfdog

    Bot oos

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