[Parts] 11.5” LMT MRP Upper Receiver Group – $1,295.00

[Parts] 11.5” LMT MRP Upper Receiver Group – $1,295.00


[Parts] 11.5” LMT MRP Upper Receiver Group – $1,295.00

11 reviews for [Parts] 11.5” LMT MRP Upper Receiver Group – $1,295.00

  1. DeltaJulietFoxtrot

    Not the best deal, but it’s not too bad considering that LMT won’t be selling any complete upper receivers now.

  2. TheChance916

    Man. Post Black Friday deals just don’t hit the same.

  3. PoseidonWave_

    Replace Mk18 upper with this?


    Multi Rifle Purpose?

  5. slayerclub


  6. mrwallstreetbets96

    How is this in terms of MSRP?

  7. WheelyMcFeely

    As always, I could have saved a few hundred on my [build](https://imgur.com/a/8jWTwHK) if I would have waited a month instead of buying my upper and barrel direct from LMT.

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  9. JPD232

    This include a BCG (I know it doesn’t include the eBCG)?

  10. Shot-Piccolo4152

    I want Mlok!

  11. specter491

    This or a $2000 KAC upper?

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