[PARTS] 10% Off all 80% Lowers and Engraving Services – Coupon Code “Lower10” – Flat Rate Shipping

[PARTS] 10% Off all 80% Lowers and Engraving Services – Coupon Code “Lower10” – Flat Rate Shipping


[PARTS] 10% Off all 80% Lowers and Engraving Services – Coupon Code “Lower10” – Flat Rate Shipping

9 reviews for [PARTS] 10% Off all 80% Lowers and Engraving Services – Coupon Code “Lower10” – Flat Rate Shipping

  1. BadAttitudeDept

    Now through the 15th get 10% off all of our 80% lower receivers and custom lower engraving.

    We’ve been programming and operating fiber laser engravers since 2014 and love to do it. Turnaround on NFA engraving is usually one day. Custom jobs take no more than a day or two.

    [We have billet 80% lowers](https://badattitudedept.com/billet-ar15-80-lower-receiver/)

    [We have forged 80% lowers](https://badattitudedept.com/forged-ar15-80-lower-receiver/)

    [We have NFA engraving services for your lower](https://badattitudedept.com/nfa-engraving-service/)

    [We have full custom engraving services for your 80% or 100% lower](https://badattitudedept.com/80-lower-receiver-engraving-service/)

    Want random stuff engraved on your [M16 BCG](https://badattitudedept.com/m16-ar15-bolt-carrier-group-nitride-no-markings/) or your [9mm BCG](https://badattitudedept.com/ar9-9mm-bolt/) – we got that too!

    [Just added a bunch of brand new stickers](https://badattitudedept.com/stickers/)

    [Our t-shirts are soft and perfect for every day wear. New designs on the way](https://badattitudedept.com/bad-kitty-t-shirt-vintage-black/)

    [Need an LPK to go with your lower? We have the best around!](https://badattitudedept.com/ar15-lower-parts-kits/)

    [Don’t forget your keychain!](https://badattitudedept.com/m16-keychain/)

    Keep on being and awesome Reddit community and thanks for all of your support!

  2. Hellbender79

    This guy is super legit. Gets orders done really fast and will help you out if you ever need anything custom. Order with confidence.

  3. pantsopticon88

    I am surprised and worried that I can’t get one of these in NV

  4. _chris948

    Genuinely curious, what’s the use case for serialized 80s? Some states require it?

    Seems like if I was going NFA I’d just as soon buy a complete one.

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  6. DrowningEarth

    Have you ever done any examples like retro cloning M16A1 rollmarks?

  7. betancourt001

    Do the lowers have to be send unassembled?

  8. betancourt001

    Thanks for the fast response 2 lowers headed your way soon

  9. riceismyfamily

    u/BadAttitudeDept I’m trying to get a quote for a custom job on a billet lower, and on your website it says ’email us for a quote’ but for the life of me I can’t find your email address. I even signed up for the newsletter and I didn’t get a welcome email.

    What’s going on bro?

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