[part]LMT MARS-L Ambidextrous AR-15 Stripped Lower Receiver – $260

[part]LMT MARS-L Ambidextrous AR-15 Stripped Lower Receiver – $260


[part]LMT MARS-L Ambidextrous AR-15 Stripped Lower Receiver – $260

41 reviews for [part]LMT MARS-L Ambidextrous AR-15 Stripped Lower Receiver – $260

  1. cdillon42

    Plus save12 for 12% off

  2. WhyInTheHellNot

    Oh god oh fuck

  3. Smok-_-em

    Don’t think Buy now Cry later

  4. Greys0ul

    Why does Reddit only give me notifications like an hour later? You know, after things are sold out 🙄

  5. Camip16

    Use code save12

  6. Dangerfloof_ATC

    Landed one. Finally. Thanks OP.

  7. Whistle_While_U_Lurk

    Goddamn it I keep missing these FUCKKKK


    $253 shipped with MIL/LEO. Really didn’t need a 3rd one of these… fuck

    Edit: cancelled and reordered with SAVE12, $226 shipped

  9. zGoDLiiKe

    I am once again going to regret not buying this.

  10. Teddyturntup

    I want it but just can’t pay 290 for a lower as a right hander. I know it’s a great price for this though

  11. TheNoviceVet

    Sweet. Didn’t need that

  12. ihavefat

    Save12 should give extra discount everyone

  13. TakeOffYaHoser

    I’ll be totally honest that I only bought this cuz everyone in the comments was freaking out.

    so for $226 shipped I’m the proud owner of an LMT ambi lower.

  14. franch1se82

    Sub $300 here after tax and shipping.

  15. N20Joe


  16. UNSC_Fleetcom

    Damn, OOS as I was entering my FFL info

  17. Maury1432

    Fuck man OOS as soon as i pulled reddit up.

  18. booger_hole

    Full ambi lower that’s better than the Radian ADAC *and* nearly half the price

  19. swarthout21

    Just copped 🤩

  20. CrudeStorm

    This is it chief

  21. CHIMExitium

    Just got an aero lower a week ago if only this was sooner 😪

  22. pCullenMurphy

    Use save12 for even more of a discount. Was like 263$ for me including tax and shipping. Hyped as fuck.

  23. nrtzz

    Fuck me im
    Pissed I was in a fucking meeting FUCK

  24. Surprise_Thumb

    I’ve been waiting for a primary arms restock and it seems that I’ve missed it by an hour. Congrats everyone who got one. 😭

  25. MrGoodKat069

    bruh fuck their notification emails. nothing came in.

  26. michaelj9323

    I have a love hate relationship with PA.

    Fucking love their deals. But my wallet sure hates them.

  27. Farngomery

    FWIW, I was dumb and missed the giant banner at the top of the screen. I called in just now, and one of their nice support representatives applied the code for me. A $40 phone call.

  28. turbo_vanner

    herpa derpa on my psa hurhurhur!

  29. hack-a-shaq

    Let’s fuckin gooooo boys

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  31. SockThePirate


  32. wheelinthielen

    Snagged one! What’s everyone using for a LPK on these?

  33. MTB805

    I’m for 1

  34. prsmedia_

    was checking out and realized all my cards got compromised last night and were canceled… fuck

  35. Fr3nchT045t

    Had it in my cart as it went oos

  36. this_is_dumb_man

    Damn it. Out of stock already.

  37. ultramarioihaz

    Wow. Took a second to mull it over and it gone. Wallet wins today.

  38. twojsdad

    Damnit, was just late to the show. Already have one but want ALL THE LMT!

  39. SpaceyKC92

    Damn it lol missed it again

  40. SybianMobileDisco

    Damn, too slow. I’ll catch them one of these days.

  41. roostersnuffed

    For the last couple weeks primary arms images and thumbnails wont load for me. Neither through reddit links or my chrome. Any idea how fix this?

    Same issue duck duck go.

    Theres desls from them daily. Its tiresome sorting through by text and copying everything into google to verify.

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