[Part] Used DD MK18 RIS 2 FDE $275

[Part] Used DD MK18 RIS 2 FDE $275


[Part] Used DD MK18 RIS 2 FDE $275

20 reviews for [Part] Used DD MK18 RIS 2 FDE $275

  1. brobot_

    I wasn’t planning to start a MK18 build today but here we are

  2. Infamous_Translator

    Fuck me. ~~I~~ my wife would Hate for me to buy this to just to have it ~~sit around~~ be on the card

  3. blackrifleenthusiast

    900 for the entire upper, w/ BCG and ChH. Mine was well-worn, but thats the way to do it IMO

  4. dionyszenji


  5. panda1876

    I’m gonna regret now buying this

  6. MF_MotherFather

    I don’t need it…. I don’t need it….

  7. keyrafiz

    this isn’t the ris 2 i would want for a 16” upper right?

  8. ImADoctorNotA_

    Vendor is excellent to work with.

  9. Eatsleeptren

    Don’t ask. Just do it.

  10. cdillon42

    Is the picture wrong or am colorblind?

  11. JustTheTipp_

    Brooooo I missed this ):

  12. yeeeeeaaaaabuddy

    These look like SOCOM surplus. If that’s true, these have some serious history behind them.

  13. bradsredditacct

    Why does this site look like a blatant rip-off of Thoroughbred Armament?

  14. PaperOrPlastek

    For anyone wondering, vendor is GTG.

  15. PaperOrPlastek

    Bot OOS

  16. the_absolute_unit

    Still waiting for surplus FSP RIS IIs to come back

  17. hennessy_black

    Do these get restocked often?

  18. wtfamisupposedtoput

    In for a mk18 upper

  19. PaperOrPlastek

    To whomever gifted me the ‘Murica award – you the real MVP. Thank you!!

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