[Part] in stock Radian Weapons AX556 Builder Kit in Grey – $1059

[Part] in stock Radian Weapons AX556 Builder Kit in Grey – $1059


[Part] in stock Radian Weapons AX556 Builder Kit in Grey – $1059

14 reviews for [Part] in stock Radian Weapons AX556 Builder Kit in Grey – $1059

  1. Chewynugetman

    Must resist the temptation.

  2. WiseDirt

    Quantity on hand: 4

    Somebody please buy these before I ruin my credit.

  3. Ricerooni

    I think if I ever see the ODG (like the one they restocked earlier this week) or the FDE I’d go for it. They really pop out in those colors with their billet set.

    Black guns are always in fashion but I need some variety.

  4. gumby36psi

    This or Anderson receiver set with utg mlok rail

  5. R1ceRocket

    Buy with confidence here; bought on the 25th, shipped on the 27th, received by FFL on 30th.

  6. Excellent-Event-387

    Nice, too bad it’s for a 16 build.

  7. [deleted]


  8. R1ceRocket

    Radian Grey in the past was like a greyish/ODG color.

    This new Radian Grey is pretty nice in person. I wish it was more tungsten, but this is like a matte grey that is slightly darker. Still doesn’t look quite GREY GREY, but pretty unique.

    These builder kits aren’t too badly priced. Even getting Gucci Trigger/Stock/Tube/Grip/Barrel/FH/GJB/GT/BCG, and you’d still be way under the price of of complete Radian Model 1 rifle. You can still add good BUIS/Optic/WML and it would be amazing, and still be under MSRP.

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  10. jaymassinello


  11. ihavefat

    Bot oos

  12. Weekly-Disaster

    Just got the ODG 14in hand guard builder kit just now, I think they got three left. Thank God for gun deals.

  13. Mot0rcycle

    next time post a direct link you fuck

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