[Other] VTAC Raze Belt size Large $57+T/S

[Other] VTAC Raze Belt size Large $57+T/S


[Other] VTAC Raze Belt size Large $57+T/S

5 reviews for [Other] VTAC Raze Belt size Large $57+T/S

  1. Giraffecaster

    Any deals on 3xl?

  2. shinayasaki

    Yes everybody hates opticsplanet but my last dvor order was shipped within a week so YMMV. If you need a good belt for cheap I think it’s worth rolling the dice

    edit: also don’t bother using the MOLLE. velcro one is king

  3. GunDealsMod

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  4. Fat-N-Furiou5

    Need 6xl, will these connect end to end by chance???

  5. 80pctAppleseed

    Only coyote

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