[Other] Tannerite Pro Pack 20 (Twenty 1/2lb Targets) – $54.54

[Other] Tannerite Pro Pack 20 (Twenty 1/2lb Targets) – $54.54


[Other] Tannerite Pro Pack 20 (Twenty 1/2lb Targets) – $54.54

14 reviews for [Other] Tannerite Pro Pack 20 (Twenty 1/2lb Targets) – $54.54

  1. EastwoodRavine85

    A posting like this makes the shine of suburbia go away real quick. I imagine having land in the middle of nowhere where I wake up on a Saturday morning, make a fresh cup of coffee, and go target shooting off my deck to blow shit up.

    That sounds spectacular.

  2. HouseofTriumph

    Well well well……. guess I will be showing that groundhog who’s boss

  3. PissOnUserNames

    How much tannerite can a person buy before the F.B.I. knocks on your door?

  4. VolkspanzerIsME

    Neat. A ten lb tannerite target for $54.

  5. EnzoGorlami42

    I’ve got a boner

  6. [deleted]


  7. SaintBarbsBullets

    Hey folks – Couple of things to note:

    * **Drop Ship Warning!** The supplier that these ship from is usually pretty quick and ships within 1-2 business days of your order coming in (if it’s going to be any longer than that we’ll make sure to let people know)
    * We appear to be able to drop-ship Tannerite everywhere in the lower 48 (ground shipping only, sorry Alaska and Hawaii). If you happen to order somewhere that our drop-shipper won’t ship to, once we confirm we can get it to you, legally, through ground shipping we’ll ship it to us, then over to you (this adds extra handling time, but no extra cost)
    * Shipping Costs:
    * Less than $150, before tax = $15
    * $150 or more, before tax (no ammo) = Free Shipping
    * $350 or more, before tax (including ammo) = Free Shipping
    * Use code **HODL** if paying by Crypto for $5 off
    * This code can be a bit painful to get working so make sure you select Crypto as your payment type, wait for the cart to refresh, then enter HODL (and really, who doesn’t want to buy ~~explosives~~ target markers off the internet using magic internet money)
    * As you’re all responsible gun owners, and would be using Tannerite purely for target marking at great distances, I’m sure we don’t need to remind you to be careful… But please be careful and follow all of Tannerite’s safety recommendations and don’t be this guy: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DjlOEhUr4Ys](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DjlOEhUr4Ys). It’s one thing to send rounds downrange away from you, it’s another when Mr. Tannerite decides to send things flying back.
    * There’s some other sizes/packs of Tannerite on the site at the moment in the [Reactive Targets](https://saintbarbsbullets.com/product-category/targets/reactive-targets/) section

  8. Wide_Chair_9831

    I’m excited for the new liveleaks video about to pop off 😉

    Either way, time to blow shit up!

  9. koo145

    Pro tip for brace owners: Make your dog a tannerite vest

  10. The_Nekrodahmus

    Is the box large enough to store 10lbs of mixed tannerite?

  11. dircs

    $75 after tax and shipping for me.

  12. Bingo_9991

    Fun fact, some redneck farmers near me filled a 55 gallon drum of this shit and shot it in the middle of a large farm field instead of having a proper reception, people heard and felt it for 20 miles. God damn I love this country


    **Patriotic music intensifies**

  14. Styx3791

    King of battle

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