[Other] Tactical assault panel (chest rig) $24.99 used, $14.99 defective

[Other] Tactical assault panel (chest rig) $24.99 used, $14.99 defective


[Other] Tactical assault panel (chest rig) $24.99 used, $14.99 defective

11 reviews for [Other] Tactical assault panel (chest rig) $24.99 used, $14.99 defective

  1. larplabs

    I made a post this morning on how I set my taps up, and venture sent me an email this afternoon with a pretty good price on a coyote one if you are into that color way. The straps are not great, but it’s $15


    [This video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4HdHcyB8Rs) does a better job discussing loadouts and usage than I ever could. I like my taps so far, and I’m mostly using it to get a better idea of how and where I want my equipment on a more expensive rig.


    They also have solid deals on [crye knee pads](https://www.venturesurplus.com/products/crye-precision-airflex-knee-pads/) and they have [size 7 boonie caps](https://www.venturesurplus.com/products/multicam-boonie-cap/) I posted as my last deal from these guys.


    On my taps I am currently just running [this shingle](https://www.venturesurplus.com/products/used-eagle-industries-triple-mag-pouch/)with a bungee mod, and 2 of these [mag pouches](https://www.venturesurplus.com/products/set-of-2-used-eagle-industries-m4-mag-pouches-khaki/). I’m still working out what other pouches I might want long term, but so far these work for me.

  2. rollpi

    Used one of these on my recent deployment, but had to turn it back in after 🙁 dont think Id buy without the buckles and stuff. AMA

  3. CajunComrade

    My credit limit is almost as high as my deployment nostalgia so I had to get one

  4. [deleted]


  5. PenileTourniquet

    How is this? Hard to get a good idea from the pictures. Currently looking into a recce rig setup, and this price is tempting

  6. AdamIsLegit

    Kind of a stupid question but is defective new or used

  7. MFOslave

    I liked the FLC better. The tape fitted kind of awkward to me.

  8. strelokjg47

    Can this be used as a standalone for a cheap chest rig? Like if you select new is it good to go per se?

  9. Trancephibian

    These are decent rigs especially for beginners or hand off gear. Straps aren’t great but pretty easy to attach to other gear. Worlds better than any Chicom rig and nowadays about the same price.

  10. Dave_A_Computer

    Mine is set for Max Autismo right now, unfortunately I don’t have any pictures on my phone.

  11. pbsolaris

    Deployed here, these will essentially disable any quick detach system your rig has. Just be advised. I appreciate the army thinking ahead for once but God damn I know it’s testing was shit.

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