[Other] Spikes Tactical Havoc 37mm 12in Flare Launcher – $319.99

[Other] Spikes Tactical Havoc 37mm 12in Flare Launcher – $319.99


[Other] Spikes Tactical Havoc 37mm 12in Flare Launcher – $319.99

15 reviews for [Other] Spikes Tactical Havoc 37mm 12in Flare Launcher – $319.99

  1. Clifton1979

    WTF – I have to carve the punisher logo myself?

  2. PNWbbwhunter

    Do i buy this? How much shit will people give me?

  3. GrandCowboy

    For all those that got a super breakers, lol!

  4. anonymousnobody14

    What else can you launch with this?

  5. Quattlebaumer

    I never noticed before, but at a quick glance the spikes spider looks kinda like two wieners doing at each other. Lol

  6. shotcaller88

    Is this an FFL item?

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  8. macsspeed

    Bot OOS

  9. boomercranks

    I’ve been learning about 37mm vs 40mm launchers lately and am now trying to understand the boundaries of legality behind 37mm launchers.

    I’ve heard two different things on the internet (obviously I need to research more, but could anyone provide any insight on either of these points, please?):

    1) I saw (cannot remember where) someone said that you can own both an unregistered 37mm launcher, 22LR ammunition, and 12 gauge shells WITHOUT having to register the launcher as a DD — to me, this makes sense as you don’t posses the means (the adapters) of shooting 22LR or 12 gauge shells.


    2) I also saw (from a different place) that if you own a 37mm launcher and also have access to 22LR ammunition or 12 gauge shells WITHOUT the adapters, then you must register the 37mm launcher as a DD…


    Any chance anyone could provide some insight on this?

  10. wanttobeoceanside

    Sorry I bought the last one I think.

  11. penthemagicalpenguin

    They have a version that has a grip and everything amd that looks sweet too.

  12. GrandCowboy

    Bot OOS

  13. SupermAndrew1

    I want this, but only with the cheese grater handguard and no spikes logo at all

  14. Linkmaco3

    Fuckkk I wanted this.

  15. Blade_Shot24

    Dang so no Mlok attachment?

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