[Other] RUSSIAN STARTER KIT – $4,999.99

[Other] RUSSIAN STARTER KIT – $4,999.99


[Other] RUSSIAN STARTER KIT – $4,999.99

45 reviews for [Other] RUSSIAN STARTER KIT – $4,999.99

  1. tendie4skin

    Wtf, no matching track pants?

  2. ThatNahr

    They couldn’t throw in 4 more track jackets so me and the boys can LARP in my backyard? Kills the deal

  3. modified-10

    Damn, if only I had an extra 5k laying around

  4. pt1789

    No 74, no sale.

  5. FoodMuseum

    The fact it’s discounted ~~$6,869.00~~ to $4,999.99 instead of ~~$6969.69~~ to $4,204.20 shows me they aren’t paying attention, or they aren’t taking this seriously enough

  6. TooEZ_OL56

    The fact that is straight from Kalashnikov USA is amaizng

  7. Individual_Fox_9690

    The real gem here is that jacket. Available here: [https://kalashnikov-usa.com/product/track-jacket-black/](https://kalashnikov-usa.com/product/track-jacket-black/) and in red [https://kalashnikov-usa.com/product/track-jacket-red/](https://kalashnikov-usa.com/product/track-jacket-red/) .

  8. tractorcrusher

    Actually hilarious, good on them.

  9. snipzy

    $40 shipping for the bundle and $10 for the jacket alone. So close to buying the jacket but not for $70

  10. RecalcitrantExponent

    No Russian

  11. allister041

    Makes me wish I had “idgaf money”

  12. Siegelski

    I see absolutely no idea why anyone would want both a KP-9 and a KR-9, and then not one but two different KUSA shotguns. That track jacket though👌

  13. Encumbered_Bumbler

    This makes my cheekis want to breeki so got dang badly.

  14. uhkayus

    No balaclava?

  15. cz97

    i wish they made a VEPR12 version of the Komrade

  16. Hunter0josh

    No Vodka? Nyet

  17. WhatASave3264

    I thought this was a joke lmao

  18. Im_So_Sticky

    >All firearms manufactured by Kalashnikov USA™ have a limited 2-year warranty


  19. twowords_number

    Cheeki breeki

  20. Some-Other-guy-1971

    What are the chances that somebody buys that kit and then wears jeans and ruins it all.

  21. headtattoo

    My house sells in February. I’ll buy this if it’s still available

  22. jgisbo007

    F I’m kinda tempted

  23. bivenator

    Collective really knows their base.

  24. Zerok800

    I really wish they’d make a vepr12 clone

  25. TheWarCaller

    Only one of the guns is 7.62? What kind of joke is this. There shouldn’t be 2 shotguns. There shouldn’t be 2 9mms….

  26. pipelineporter

    lol Russian starter kit… here’s some made in the USA AKs.

  27. fourleggedpython

    This actually seems like a decent deal no joke….. Send it?

  28. GalvanizedHero


  29. cumminsnut

    OK now I’m intrigued. I was gonna buy a galil ace in 7.62 but now I’m looking at getting this package for 500 more.


    Is a galil nice enough for me to skip on this deal?

  30. zGoDLiiKe

    This might be the best thing on the internet

  31. whk1992

    No Dragunov? No deal.

  32. AborgTheMachine

    2 9mm’s but only a 7.62×39?

    Where’s the 5.45?

    Can’t afford it anyway lmao

  33. therealtruthaboutme

    No 5.45×39…?

  34. n8texas

    For the price, they need to lose one of the shotguns and that 9mm rifle, replace with a 74 pattern rifle and either another 7.62×39 or a 106-style 5.56 instead.

  35. DZRT_Gamer

    If one of those 9mm or 12g was in 7.62 I’d probably send

  36. JuggernautAble3981

    In for that dope ass jacket

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  38. Radioactiveglowup

    The Stylish One starter kit.

  39. Bcomplexity

    Lol wut

  40. russkiygeologist

    Ay blyat. Russian starter kit my a$$. Missing the morning, noon and evening cigarettes. Ripoff

  41. Cigar_Smokin_Ape

    I was hoping for premium Vodka and Caviar in the package.

  42. the_7th_phoenix

    Is this BIN price?

  43. Gnome_Stomperr

    мне это нужно

  44. cheatinchad

    No vodka?

  45. 23Falcon23

    No pants, no shoes, no Balaclava, no sale

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