[other] Ruger 10/22 .177 CO2 Pellet Rifle – $50 (free ship over $59)

[other] Ruger 10/22 .177 CO2 Pellet Rifle – $50 (free ship over $59)


[other] Ruger 10/22 .177 CO2 Pellet Rifle – $50 (free ship over $59)

13 reviews for [other] Ruger 10/22 .177 CO2 Pellet Rifle – $50 (free ship over $59)

  1. whatamisaying2u

    Disposable CO2 powered guns have always been a bit of a bummer to me. And this one takes 2 cartridges to run

  2. Disposable-01

    Should be called the 10/177.

  3. Smthrs_excllnt

    Sweet. Perfect last minute gift for the boy, he’s gonna flip shit.

  4. thegenericchen

    You’ll shoot your eye out kid

  5. forego15

    How many shots do you get out of the 2 cartridges?

  6. George_Hayduke

    Anyone know how similar this is to a standard 10/22 stock? Could be worth it for doing dumb shit to.

  7. Bloozpower

    So… is this built in the 10/22 platform? And if so can I send the trigger group to Brimstone?

    I imagine with a tier 1 trigger job, a Diamondback 3-9×40, and Airgun suppressor. You’ve got a top end Squirrel slayer for slightly over $500.

  8. ACheezeWiz

    Ahhhh. The felon special

  9. togsu

  10. gebsmith

    In for one because why not?

  11. AgreeablePie

    This is worse naming than glock

  12. bnace

    Fucking shit. I’ve been looking for a suppressor host and this got my hopes up.

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