[Other] RPG-2 Deactivated Russian Rocket Launcher – $389

[Other] RPG-2 Deactivated Russian Rocket Launcher – $389


[Other] RPG-2 Deactivated Russian Rocket Launcher – $389

20 reviews for [Other] RPG-2 Deactivated Russian Rocket Launcher – $389

  1. ginjaninja3223

    I’d be a lot more inclined to buy one of these if it was $389 for the launcher and a deactivated rocket. After shipping and tax I just really cannot justify $600+ for a wall hanger

  2. Clifton1979

    You guys wanna play Operation Gothic Serpent in the backyard?

  3. tenchi4u

    In Soviet Russia, RPG deactivates you.

  4. ausnee

    What else do I need to complete this parts kit?

  5. Limp-Section8328

    Ordered one from here last time. Slow to ship and they acted insulted when I emailed after a few weeks of it not actually shipping. Their reply was essentially we will get to it when we get to it. It arrived after approximately a month in good shape. Moral of the story is no issues with the product but expect slow ship.

  6. Traditional_Ad_6610

    I bet one of these cost 20 bucks for a working one in Afghanistan

  7. Archaic_1


    Challenge accepted

  8. Guano-

    Nothing a little JB weld won’t fix.

  9. IdyllicArcadia

    Had to repost cause last time it got removed since I posted too frequently heh

    If you buy 10 or above, apparently you get $5 off. So average down boys.

    Dummy rockets can be included for $189

  10. gumby36psi

    Any inert javelins

  11. TheyCallMeDingus

    RPG-7 or bust

  12. TheEdcPrepper22

    The 7 is so much cooler than the 2 though

  13. Wraith8888

    Darn. $5 off each if you buy 10 but I only need 9.

  14. lastgateway

    New to conceal carry, would this be a good first gun?

  15. Big_Fecker

    So we’re not acknowledging the fact that the url for this ends with ‘penischoppers’?

  16. RocketRider2021

    So…where are the not broken ones?

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  18. Tw3aks87

    I want the AT4…

  19. SWAG0DL3G3ND

    Here for the deactivated jdams

  20. rustedoilfilter

    Does NFA apply?

    Or any other rules?

    I’ll probably end up on a list, but I’m probably already on it bois.

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