[other] quick clot zfold gauze, 2025 expiration $25.99

[other] quick clot zfold gauze, 2025 expiration $25.99


[other] quick clot zfold gauze, 2025 expiration $25.99

12 reviews for [other] quick clot zfold gauze, 2025 expiration $25.99

  1. larplabs

    I’ve bought a lot of stuff from venture over the last 2 years. Good price on some zfold that usually runs around $45 or so.

  2. okbecuzuknoimn

    100% serious.

    They have in stock NAR CAT7 tourniquets. For $16.99
    Condition: Used
    Color: Red

    If anyone wants those. https://www.venturesurplus.com/products/north-american-rescue-gen-7-red-tip-cat-combat-application-tourniquet/

  3. okiedokie321

    Can you use quick clots with older expiry dates?

  4. Orlando_Web_Dev

    Venture surplus are a wonderful company to deal with. They’re always bringing in lots of good stuff. Definitely sign up for their emails, as they frequently mail out some really interesting history-based articles.

  5. BigMoodGuy

    Damn; had to use my FSA so i paid directly from NAR ($40) back in Dec.

    This is a good deal.

  6. NeofelisNight

    Anyone can make holes, learn to plug holes!

  7. e-hat

    Venture surplus is great, but here are some other options depending on your situation:

    – $19.00 if you plan on getting shot by the end of the year: https://m2tradingpost.com/products/2023-quikclot-combat-z-fold-gauze-hemostatic-dressing-bandage-tccc-tems-ifak-ems?variant=32165427970108

    – $25 if you got shot last year twice, but still haven’t fixed it yet: https://m2tradingpost.com/products/lot-of-two-quik-clot-combat-gauze-hemostatic-dressing-2022-exp-ifak-ems-emt

  8. a_sick_moose

    Bros don’t let bros bleed out

  9. 12641890

    Just ordered the NAR M-FAK with NAR S-ROLLED GAUZE. Would this be a good addition to have as well, or are my bases covered already?

  10. Petti-The-Yeti

    Nice. I was just about to build my IFAK. Cuts a decent chunk of money off brand new ones.

  11. okiedokie321

    8 months ago, these were $20.99. Inflation lol

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