[other] PWS 3 Handguards- KeyMod/PicMod $10

[other] PWS 3 Handguards- KeyMod/PicMod $10


[other] PWS 3 Handguards- KeyMod/PicMod $10

12 reviews for [other] PWS 3 Handguards- KeyMod/PicMod $10

  1. true2ku

    *Handguards do not include hardware. These are for cerakote practice/other use. Not for builds. These do not hold our lifetime guarantee and are considered scrap material.*

  2. runwithryan

    I have a bunch of these.

    They’re for “Cerakote practice only” but I’ve managed to make shift some barrel nuts for them. It’s still a work in progress though, but they’re functional and high quality aluminum and anodized

  3. dirtyboots702

    Get yourself a 3D printed barrel nut and make this your new 22lr rail

  4. theoldestgregg

    Does PWS not sell replacement barrel nuts??

  5. MrDeltoit

    I bought 2 of these (6 total) hoping to get a few picmod ones to mess with, I was disappointed.

  6. WillBattle18

    Time to rattle can dumb colors for AR builds

  7. Infamous_Translator

    Wtf is picmod? Autocorrected dick mod?

  8. Billbaru

    So boys how we gonna get barrel nuts for these?

  9. sean_b81

    I’m thinking mancave decor.. line a door? make shelves?

  10. Excellent-Event-387

    I already have a pws upper, can I reuse my hardware on these. I would think so no?

  11. BaltimoreNewbie

    My order is still showing as processing, and I haven’t got an email receipt yet. Did anyone else encounter this?

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