[Other] Polish parka w/ removable liner (their copy of M65 field jacket) $41.99 +shipping

[Other] Polish parka w/ removable liner (their copy of M65 field jacket) $41.99 +shipping


[Other] Polish parka w/ removable liner (their copy of M65 field jacket) $41.99 +shipping

19 reviews for [Other] Polish parka w/ removable liner (their copy of M65 field jacket) $41.99 +shipping

  1. timmkish

    “Genuine issue items in unissued condition, many of these still have the mfg. tags in place and the buttonholes are tight, these will loosen a little with use.”

    Buttonholes. Not buttholes like I read it at first…

  2. ultimatepoodle117

    Eh, why buy one over here when I’ll just pick one up on the battlefield in a few weeks.

  3. FunkyTownMonkeyClown

    Too bad I’m a fucking hobbit.

  4. Platanium

    I like the description, thankfully these don’t even come in my size so it’s less painful to miss out

  5. magic8balI

    How do I figure out sizing? I’m a XXL shirt and not sure how that translates.

  6. BankruptWallStreet69

    Worth every penny. If I layer mine right, I can wear it in 0 degree weather and be sweating without moving around hardly at all. Very well made. Mine came with the tags still on it.

  7. Thoraxe474

    Do these restock often? Not sure if I should do 5’10/40.9 or wait for that 45.7

  8. tsarcasm

    These guys have the best product descriptions and image captions.

  9. hootie303

    I like the mid waist taper that will show off my male childbearing hips. Very flattering in time of war

  10. Jaruut

    I got mine from Midway for $30 about a month ago. It still had the manufacturer tags, so brand new. I love it, nice and warm, perfect for the refrigerated warehouse that I work in (I don’t even need the liner). I’d prefer a zipper over buttons, but no biggie.

    I’m not tall, but I have long arms and a sexy beer gut, whatever their equivalent to 2xl fits me just fine.

  11. An_8pound_Oreck

    Can anyone compare this to the Czech M85 parka? I love that thing, but it’s massive. I don’t know the cold though when I wear it.

  12. Theoddgamer47

    My friend bought this and he loves it. Very warm and seems to be good quality.

  13. backwards_yoda

    These are great wear mine all the time.

  14. Sgt_Sodomy

    i want one of these.

    *cries in 6’1″ 48″ chest*

  15. Someone3882

    You guys are all so damn tall….

  16. thatcoil

    Picked one up from midway and worn it everyday since I got it, great jacket

  17. raifsevrence

    This is awesome. They have surplus mountain boots too. Haven’t had a pair of those in more than 10 years. You can’t find them in the states anymore.

  18. skippythemoonrock

    I have one of the austrian ones, they’re absolutely fantastic.

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