[Other] Optic Cuts – Glock, CZ, Sig $75 and up

[Other] Optic Cuts – Glock, CZ, Sig $75 and up


[Other] Optic Cuts – Glock, CZ, Sig $75 and up

24 reviews for [Other] Optic Cuts – Glock, CZ, Sig $75 and up

  1. ShaqsAdoptedUncle

    For anyone wondering about how they compare to competitors, it cost me twice as much, took 13 weeks, and a lost guide rod to get mine back from “the other guy”

    So using these guys next is a no brainer for me

  2. wagermachine

    Good morning everyone!

    We have the same great service, but now we have added some CZ cuts to our lineup. More options are coming, but this is a start. We also have cuts coming for the ACRO and DPP very soon.

    Thanks for all the support!

  3. strictlybazinga

    If only CZ could get me my gun back as fast as Wager…

  4. wutatthrowaway

    This dude does fantastic work. Super quick too.

  5. R3vo2014

    You guys have anywhere to leave reviews?

    I had my glock done recently and wanted to leave a positive review somewhere since it turned out great.

  6. nationalspice

    100% recommend. He had my slide back in the mail a day after he got it. Great cut with lugs and irons forward.
    [here’s my 19x he did ](https://imgur.com/a/ohz78cs)

  7. snipzy

    P365 coming anytime soon?

  8. vertigosol

    This shop does great work. Couldn’t believe how fast the turnaround was on my glock 19x

  9. echocall2

    Are you u/wage92?

  10. DoubleTapJak

    Would the CZ 75 cut work for an SP-01 Tactical?

  11. PearlGemma

    This man does incredible work at a very reasonable price with lightning fast turnaround. I won’t use anyone else for custom slide work. Disclaimer: I’m a big supporter of an American owned small “family” business- especially when they go above and beyond.

  12. individual101

    Is this a sale? How long at this price? I have a new holster coming I will be testing out for a few weeks before the return period expires and will need my gun during that time but plan on getting it cut afterwards

  13. DoubleTapJak

    If you don’t choose a cerakote option, is the cut left bare metal or coated in anything? Worried about rust

  14. Hurricaneshand

    Walther PPQ?

  15. sloooissmoothisfast

    Do you do Sig P229 and P226?

  16. rick98511

    Will the cz 75 cut work on a cz 75 compact

  17. dahlberg123

    Any chance on doing re-cuts in the future? Sig M18 recut for RMR ?

  18. fsellew1

    Do your K cuts co witness with stock Glock sight?

  19. Dontnut69

    I just got a cut for my Glock and will be sending it out as soon as my sights come in.

    Can I just write all the details on paper? I don’t have access to a printer at the moment to print the confirmation page as instructed.

    Also are mounting screws included or do you know what size screws are needed for a Glock RMR cut for a holosun 507c?

  20. DeafEcho

    Can you do a Glock 21 slide? Not seeing it in the model options.

  21. g1flight

    Did a great job on my Glock 21 and 43x

  22. RonaRanger0019

    What’s the preferred shipper to send the slide? I ordered last christmas but haven’t sent in my slide yet.

  23. bjjcripple

    Will be sending my 19 slide in soon as long as my astigmatism doesn’t make the 407c i ordered unusable. Fingers crossed

  24. Hoplophilia

    Any plans for the M&P?

    Also, curious what all goes into being able to machine a different model. I kinda figured there’d be a more or less universal slide jig with the different footprints you could swap willynilly.

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