[Other] MK18 Block 3 5.56 SURPLUS UPPER 10.5″ Barrel $999

[Other] MK18 Block 3 5.56 SURPLUS UPPER 10.5″ Barrel $999


[Other] MK18 Block 3 5.56 SURPLUS UPPER 10.5″ Barrel $999

13 reviews for [Other] MK18 Block 3 5.56 SURPLUS UPPER 10.5″ Barrel $999

  1. FooFighter325

    The only thing surplus about these are the upper receivers themselves and the m4qd flash hiders if you choose that.

    The barrel, rail, etc… are new. Kind of a misleading title to con someone into paying way too much for what is a mid-tier cobbled together URG with a heavily used upper.

    By my quick estimation this should be like $750-$800, and could be pieced together for less.

  2. Youshittytit

    Wtf are these? BA barrels?

  3. FightTheFade

    Nothing about this is a “Block 3” lol

  4. hack-a-shaq

    Me: I want a block 3!

    My wallet: we have a block 3 back at home.

    Block 3s back at home:

  5. MK18FanBoy

    Block 3 I believe should be:

    Colt Upper,
    Colt BCG,
    DD 10.3” barrel,
    Geissele MK16 rail,
    Geissele gas block,
    Surefire SOCOM 4 prong

  6. AdventurousPineapple

    “All parts are factory new with the exception of the Upper Receiver”

    why tho

  7. 5maldehyde

    Almost picked one up until I noticed that these aren’t really surplus. New BCG (unmarked), new barrel (BA, not Colt), new handguard, and new muzzle device (Warden, not 4 prong).

    There is an option for the a surplus M4QD, but for anyone looking for a surplus / clone correct build, this probably isn’t it. It’d be cool to see some new GWOT surplus hit the market though.

  8. IndependentBrick964

    Lol @ “block 3”

  9. Whiskey-12

    Yeah don’t buy these boys. They’d be way more worth it at $400

  10. VotesAreVoices

    Calling this a surplus upper is misleading when the only surplus parts are the upper receiver and muzzle device.

  11. GucciRifle

    Id buy this for $200 less. Ill die before I own a BA barrel

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  13. DeadCrowDefense

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Love this sub. Felt this post. We are adjusting and learning from this – regular priced them at $999.99 and are allowing 15% discounts from our sales team (if I can give code here I will – unfamiliar with this sub and don’t want to break rules)

    We are a growing company, and look forward to learning from the internet’s toughest (most valuable feedback) crowd: Reddit. 🤙🏼🇺🇸

    – Dead Crow Sales Team

    Edit: we built these at the height of shortage early this year and pieced parts together as best as we could from distributors. Sold many at the time – but as supply came back had a few left.

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