[Other] Lead & Steel AR15 Vise Block Combo – $25 Shipped

[Other] Lead & Steel AR15 Vise Block Combo – $25 Shipped


[Other] Lead & Steel AR15 Vise Block Combo – $25 Shipped

13 reviews for [Other] Lead & Steel AR15 Vise Block Combo – $25 Shipped

  1. midri

    Sweeeeet, been needing a set — great price!

    You should add a promo code or at least a referrer code to the url so you can track your conversions from reddit better.


    Have one of these, awesome. Dealer is also gtg, buy with confidence

  3. West_Banker

    Wish I would’ve known this back in the day 🙄

    Spend $25, save a ton of stress and headache. Seller’s g2g and ships quickly.

  4. The0xen

    This seller is always good to go. Fast shipping. Love ordering from lead and steel. My daughter loves the stickers.

  5. Illiteratej_

    3d printer go brrrr

  6. Lead-Steel

    Hi guys, just a healthy reminder to not use a tool that locks into your barrel extension as it’ll potentially shear your barrel pin off.

    Be safe and happy building!

    [And check out our new Parts Bin section if you have time!](https://lead-steel.com/parts-bin/)

  7. throwawayalphakilo

    Dealer is g2g! Highly recommend.

  8. Outlawdreamer

    Makes sense now that I have a warcomp to install as well. Ty

  9. TeriyakiTyphoon

    Just ordered one, plus NiB BCG and BUIS! I’m so excited, Been looking for something like this for a while. Ever stock a TiN BCG??

  10. SpiritDCRed

    Everyone should have one of these.

    Paid $32 shipped for the exact same thing from midwayusa… this is a good deal!

  11. Edwardteech

    I got this from ebay with a armorer’s wrench for like 20 bucks they are cheep but they work fine.

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  13. xeroxedfool

    Should I get that warcomp for my 300blk build? Idk what suppressor I want *cries*

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