[OTHER] LBT Slick Plate Carrier $129.99, MPC $279

[OTHER] LBT Slick Plate Carrier $129.99, MPC $279


[OTHER] LBT Slick Plate Carrier $129.99, MPC $279

5 reviews for [OTHER] LBT Slick Plate Carrier $129.99, MPC $279

  1. arnoob91


  2. LetItHappenAlready

    Price went up as soon as they noticed the traffic. Lame shit.

  3. throwawayifyoureugly

    This was part of the June plate carrier sale, so it may be gone soon, but create an account to get the 15% off civilian discount (automatically applied) for non-sale items, and pair this with their quad assault rig, AND THEN use coupon code TSI-10 for an additional 10% off the rig.

  4. Chago04

    Was gonna buy one but deal is dead now. Bummer.

  5. LowValueAviator

    I’m not exactly built like Jocko Willink but the shoulder straps chafe the sides of my neck if I’m doing any movement/shooting positions in this thing. Needs a mock neck undershirt. The tradeoff seems to be that it offers an almost totally unobstructed shoulder pocket for your rifle stock, undeniably nice – thicc necks beware though.

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