[Other] KA-BAR USSF SPACE-BAR 7″ Blade $54.98

[Other] KA-BAR USSF SPACE-BAR 7″ Blade $54.98


[Other] KA-BAR USSF SPACE-BAR 7″ Blade $54.98

18 reviews for [Other] KA-BAR USSF SPACE-BAR 7″ Blade $54.98

  1. superkuper

    Moon’s Haunted

  2. 80pctAppleseed

    If its gonna be for space force it better have frickin lasers on it

  3. Zastavarian

    Since we’re talking knives and smkw…

    If you have a toddler/young kid, SMKW sells a plastic swiss army knife for $15. Its not sharp, it’s a toy. My 3 year old loves his, to him it’s real. Great way to teach knife safety. Its not listed in their printed catalog for some reason.


  4. Happy_Dragonfruit320

    This is basically your regular kabar but with a USSF stamped into the blade, right?
    Ive wanted a kabar for awhile and this seems too good to be true

  5. poropopos

    I can’t believe i bought this

  6. czynips

    Wish they’d sell the blue one this cheap.

  7. Shame_Craver

    Sheeiiit I’ve always wanted a Kabar, and the price is right. Guess I’m joining space force…

  8. Sharpastic

    Got this one and the blue one. I regret nothing.

  9. Tuco86x

    In case you run across hostile aliens during your intergalactic space travels…

  10. TickleMyTikiBone

  11. FalseBox2


  12. 9IX

    **Serious question**, are the KA-Bar knives overall good fixed blades. I’m currently looking at a fixed general purpose fixed blade and I don’t know shit about knives. The only ones I know of are these, SOG Seal Pup, and the Gerber Strongarm. Anyone recommend a good one under $100?

  13. Mc_squawk_box

    Pro tip: ditch the sheath and zap carry it like a real space man.

  14. jmike3543

    So what’s the deal with these? Was this design requisitioned by the Space Force or did they just stamp that on the side?

  15. Tactical_winter550

    Why does it look bacon wrapped

  16. atlantis737

    I wish they still sold the USCG stamped knives. I also can’t find one secondhand. Had Ebay alerts for the longest time.

  17. [deleted]


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