[Other] Jagerwerks 4th of July sale – $80 optic cuts & $20 black nitride

[Other] Jagerwerks 4th of July sale – $80 optic cuts & $20 black nitride


[Other] Jagerwerks 4th of July sale – $80 optic cuts & $20 black nitride

32 reviews for [Other] Jagerwerks 4th of July sale – $80 optic cuts & $20 black nitride

  1. SappyMcSapperton

    Can they just cerakote the optic cut? Looks like they will recoat the whole slide but I don’t want to recoat my whole 19X, I like the factory color

    Edit: I guess I may have to get something close like the JW Camo with bronze or a battleworn burnt bronze

    Edit 2: for anyone in the same boat as me, jagerwerks has a photo comparing the OEM 19X to Burnt Bronze and the Troy Tan: https://i.imgur.com/2DbQQkC.jpg

  2. apexian32

    Jagerwerks is the real deal and this is a GREAT deal. I JUST sent a slide in but I’m okay with having paid normal price if it means beating this huge wave of new orders. They are worth the wait, though. I have another JW slide on a different gun already.

    Just know there is a pretty long lead time.

  3. FightTheFade

    Jagerwerks also doesn’t expire. So if you even think you are going to want a dot in the future, this is a great deal. They did a fantastic job on my VP9 w/RMR. Dots are the future so quit waiting!

  4. 10mmIsBestCentimeter

    Oh boy glad I forgot to complete my order a couple days ago.

    Being dumb pays off.

  5. Sneaky-Beaky-Ninja

    Anyone gonna talk me out of getting a bob cut on my Glock 34?

  6. Donjaymanly

    Say we don’t have an optic yet, can we order and change to another optic cut later?

    Also optic suggestions for someone with astigmatism?

  7. hcwt

    Bless you for posting this deal.

  8. daze513

    Does anyone know how the black nitride finish compares to the Oem NDLC finish of the Gen 5?

    I really like the almost satin black oem finish and hope the black nitride is just as deep black and as smooth. Thanks.

  9. fitgranticus

    Dang thats a good deal

  10. captain_carrot

    Damn. I just recently sent my 43 slide off to Battlewerx for a slide cut/coating.

  11. cafemike05

    Done! I’ve been waiting for this.

  12. boringcorolla

    Nice! Will start the order process later today. Just wondering if I should go with 1/3 cowitness or absolute irons for a 507c on my Glock 45. 🤔

  13. ShaqsAdoptedUncle

    Just the push i needed. Was debating when to send mine off to them, now is the time

  14. Arctic_Nights

    Been waiting for this! Thanks for the heads up!

  15. Sleeveless9

    Has anyone ordered the ACRO cut from them and use it in a 6354DO? I’ve always done irons forward on my other optics to avoid clearance issues, but for some reason they only offer irons rear with the ACRO.

  16. salsanacho

    Which Holosun do most folks put on a subcompact pistol like a Glock 26?

  17. Porky_Robinson

    Im aware i sound lame, but how does Glock respond to warranty work if you have your slide milled? Does it just completely negate it?

  18. MisterMasterCylinder

    Been thinking of sending my P07 out for an optic cut for months and months. This is a hell of a price, looks like I’m finally going to pull the trigger. Thanks!

  19. stripper_clip

    How much is it normally

  20. TheCat0115

    Newb here:

    – Will they cut a P30L?

    – I thought the HS 507C has a RMR cut, but they’re separate options. Just curious why. The pics look the same to me anyway

  21. kymaster

    I just got a sig P226 that I want to get an optics cut for, it seems they don’t offer a cut for the P226.

  22. Christendom

    If anyone is looking to get their 43x slide cut let me know. Kinda want to swap my milled slide for a stock one.

  23. TrippMcNeely22

    Just want to be sure so some reassurance is appreciated.

    I have a Gen 5 Glock 19 (non-MOS). I want to send my 507c with my slide to Jagerwerks. They will cut, re-finish, and install the optic for me?

    Do I need to buy an adapter plate or will it mount directly? Will the optic be low enough to keep standard iron sights? I actually like the “drop in the bucket” sights.

  24. NorCalRT

    Thanks OP, been waiting on this!

  25. hoffa_dies

    On a 43x, for the rear sight location, what’s the difference between front-of-optic and a race cut? Looks like it’s not long enough for mounting behind the sight.

  26. FortyTwoDonkeyBalls

    in for 2! i can only imagine the lead time with this sale. I’m expecting to get my slides back in about 3 months.

  27. _a_new_nope

    Regarding optic screws:

    >Trijicon RMR/SRO – #6-32 x 7/16″ IP15 (equal length)

    If you run a Glock you’ll need to loosen the ejection port side screw by about 1/4 turn else it interferes with the ejection rod.

    edit: Glocks require (1) 7/16″ & (1) 3/8″ screw — fully tightening the ejection port side will cause a failure to feed. Sorry folks, I don’t like it either.

  28. Ok-Maintenance-2601

    Is the only advantage of direct-milled vs. use of an adapter plate just the flush fit rather than the slightly added height of a plate? I’m considering this for my x-compact, but springer precision plate is only $50 vs this $100 even on sale.

  29. newgumbo

    Anyone know why the vp9 options don’t include the holosun 509?

  30. Domester4

    Any discount here on the cerakote colors or other slide milling services? I don’t know what the normal cerakote or slide window services cost. Cerakote seems to be $50

  31. shiers69

    Are they cutting for the Romeo 3 footprint yet?

  32. jkaiser10

    So if I want to get my Glock 26 slide milled with say a yeti cut, I have to buy that and add the optic cut as a separate product? I should only have to pick the nitride finish on one of the items (slide cut or optic cut) to have them apply it to the whole slide?

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