[OTHER] It’s back… NCStar AR-15 Golf Ball Launcher – $27.99 before S/H

[OTHER] It’s back… NCStar AR-15 Golf Ball Launcher – $27.99 before S/H


[OTHER] It’s back… NCStar AR-15 Golf Ball Launcher – $27.99 before S/H

19 reviews for [OTHER] It’s back… NCStar AR-15 Golf Ball Launcher – $27.99 before S/H

  1. hellzraven7

    Can this work as a penis pump…asking for a friend.

  2. jsl5k

    Yall got load data for making 223/556 blanks for this thing?

    I’m guessing faster burning (pistol) powder will be needed.

  3. Invisible_Enron_CEO

    Been taking golf lessons recently and it’s about $100 a lesson.

    What was I thinking? Can’t wait to see the look on the guys’ faces when I pull my new driver out at the course next weekend.

  4. chahahc

    The working man’s surefire warden.

    And like all things nice, banned in California.

  5. seeellayewhy

    How far does this actually launch a golf ball?

  6. dirtyboots702

    “It basically works like the military grenade launcher, but it’s much more fun”

    Sure…and my wife thinks fucking me is funner than her boyfriend

  7. crystal-rooster

    $27.99 for a BFD that doubles as a golf ball launcher? Thanks OP! In for 4!

  8. DingBangSlammyJammy

    OK I was pretty drunk last night and I ordered this.

    I gotta admit I’m pretty happy with drunk me. For $35 after shipping how could you go wrong?

  9. pyryoer

    How does this compare to a can cannon?

  10. CaptRon25

    Make some giant paintballs, could be useful

  11. Joseph-Chamberlain

    I feel like this is secretly a suppressor somehow.

  12. thatswhyicarryagun

    What do these normally go for?

  13. AimingSouthwest

    No-no. It’s supposed to be “it’s baaaaaack”.

  14. croutonianemperor

    This + heritage rr + ramset blanks

  15. jefftopgun

    Obligatory do it you won’t do it.

    Form 1

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  17. langoley01

    I’ve also seen pop can launchers!

  18. 223specialist

    I really wish some company would make like a YHM QD version of this or Keymo

  19. booboonuts

    I’ve had one of these for a few years. I’ve only tried it with 9mm blanks through a Ruger PCC. With that setup the balls would travel a bit over 200 yards with the right angle. I was using PPU blanks and they really dirty the gun up.

    The other comment about using this with Ramset .22 blanks in a .22 setup seems to be a better/cheaper way to go. $8/100 .22 blanks vs $25 for 50 9mm blanks is a no brainer.

    I was hoping to have some fun with this at the trap shoots I attend. I think the can cannon would work better as the golf balls travel much faster when they’re pushed by a 9mm blank. I might have to retry this with the mid- or low- power Ramset blanks.

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