[Other] HK PSG1 Mug of the month $9.99 plus ship

[Other] HK PSG1 Mug of the month $9.99 plus ship


[Other] HK PSG1 Mug of the month $9.99 plus ship

16 reviews for [Other] HK PSG1 Mug of the month $9.99 plus ship

  1. OutHereTrappin

    HK: “We won’t sell you the gun, but you can buy a mug made in China with the gun printed on it.”

  2. xenophonthethird

    How about making an importable version of the PSG1 that can be readily coverted to it’s true form?

    Bah, what am I saying, they’d probably put the price at $20k.

  3. bigtittypeniscumsock

    You’ve got to be fucking me, a mug. Fuck HK

  4. DrSpaceman575

    I got this but suddenly I’m being charged $29.99 for coffee refills

  5. MagicBeardMan86

    Finally, an HK I can afford!

  6. FightTheFade

    Bought one a couple of months ago. It came in broken. When I contacted CS they just said “make a claim with FedEx”. I get it’s HK and they hate us but damn.

  7. Deathdealerah

    Please don’t start posting these. They’re not guns and are barely gun related and are already hard enough to get each month without you feeding them to the shark tank.

  8. lswins

    How about we get a real psg1 here in the states

  9. [deleted]


  10. Overpowernamerino

    Does it take Glock mag?

  11. asrspr

    Waiting patiently for the P7 mug…

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  13. MajorRash

    And oos…fuck

  14. Hauerslev_Eng

    Aaaaaaand it’s gone!!! Fuck!!!

  15. Fun_Management2589

    This is the laziest design I’ve seen. Cool to know how many inches long it is I guess?

  16. tripledickdudeAMA

    [Me seeing the HK label](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1hCLBTD5RM) on a product

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