[Other] FN 10″ Garden Gnome PRE-ORDER. $49.99+S/H

[Other] FN 10″ Garden Gnome PRE-ORDER. $49.99+S/H


[Other] FN 10″ Garden Gnome PRE-ORDER. $49.99+S/H

23 reviews for [Other] FN 10″ Garden Gnome PRE-ORDER. $49.99+S/H

  1. 30rdsIsStandardCap

    So they’re making these but not my 10” scar barrels..? SMH..

  2. jaybee1669

    Finally I can afford a SCAR

  3. Keyboard_rawrior

    seems like a pretty good deal. i’ve seen weebs pay 10x-20x more for waifu figurines.

  4. prsmedia_

    I have no clue why I want this but for some reason I do ha

  5. Tuco86x

    Appropriately FN priced as well

  6. torchredzo6

    $15 to ship 🙂

  7. platapus112

    What the fuck is going on today, first Super soakers, now Gnomes

  8. Sharpz214

    Wife’s going to be pissed.

  9. ThePolishedBro

    Why in the HELL do I follow this sub! Got to have this little guy for the work bench.

  10. FearlessGuster2001

    Why would they make this and why would I want it??

  11. Nik_Bad

    Two nights ago, my wife comes in and say, “uh oh, the gnome wars have started!” Obviously confused I ask, “what the hell are you talking about?” She then explains that the neighbor across the street just put in two new gnomes and we need more. We only have one (but it’s pretty friggen dope). I feel like she wouldn’t be upset by this one.

  12. DrLongIsland

    Thanks bought one.
    I don’t even have a garden.
    Now i have to go start shopping for a house with a garden.
    This is the gundeals way, after all.

  13. iRacingVRGuy

    Is this optics ready?

  14. glStation

    So gnomes feature heavily in Belgian culture (go look at a few beer labels), which means this makes perfect sense. I love it.

  15. TheGoodNonConformist

    I just bought a 16 and a 17… I’m pretty much obligated at this point.

  16. jjl1911

    In for 1 to keep bugs out of my garden.

  17. Arctic16

    I want this so very badly but I just blew all my money on ammo.

  18. santiagoelcampeon

    Are gun brands trying to be Supreme now?

  19. IveGotRope

    I could buy it now and forgot I bought it when it ships.

  20. SybianMobileDisco

    If i bought this then I’d have to buy a SCAR. Then I’d have to buy a scope that could survive it. Probably a 1.5×6 Elcan. So it goes…

  21. Sober_Browns_Fan

    If FN would make a PS90 Gnome, I’d totally buy it.

  22. levipenske

    I couldn’t resist….. Have a new home and the wife said “let’s get it”.

    Done and done!

  23. Drewcrew73

    Ended up being damn near $70 OTD

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