[Other] FLIR Breach Thermal Monocular -Refurb – $1459 + tax

[Other] FLIR Breach Thermal Monocular -Refurb – $1459 + tax


[Other] FLIR Breach Thermal Monocular -Refurb – $1459 + tax

12 reviews for [Other] FLIR Breach Thermal Monocular -Refurb – $1459 + tax

  1. jh_watson

    Lower price than I’ve seen asked for used units. I get it’s a refurb but it’s from a legit dealer instead of used in unknown condition. I’ll have to let someone with more experience speak to the quality of this specific model but from what I’ve read this is decent unless you want to drop at least 4x more.

  2. jh_watson

    Felt bad I posted this so close to the sale price expiring (and felt like less of a man by being called a liar by internet strangers). So I chatted with a rep and YMMV but they were willing to drop it back down to the $1459 without batting an eye. So if you really want one at that price just try a chat. First person can even use the “unique code” they gave me in the promo code box “PM124424”

  3. Takemepoqhs

    OP was correct. I did my own chat with them and got a code. Thank you, OP

  4. GrandCowboy

    Does it come with same warranty as new?

  5. whyintheworldamihere

    How do you get that price? I’m showing $500 more…

  6. SmoothSlavperator

    Didn’t FLIR stop selling to non-LE/Military customers?

    Fuck FLIR

  7. jh_watson

    Well, either the deal expired or y’all bought too many of them too fast. Maybe it’ll drop back down but for now the price went up $500 to $1959.

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  9. unforgiverii

    Showing about $2k in cart for me

  10. MasterPPregnancyTips

    oh shit I’m. also glad this price wasn’t real, I would have bought one without asking the wife lol….

  11. sharkwavestudio

    why I only see price tag at 1900 ish? Not the 1459 one

  12. TBadger

    I had this exact unit in my cart but waffled back and forth. Talked to BH on the phone and decided that since it was a refurb I’d hold off. I was very tempted to just CC it and hold onto it for later on a panobridge. Should’ve done it.

    In short, they had (1) refurbed breach at the title price and a couple others at higher prices.

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