[Other] Exothermic Pulsefire LRT Flamethrower- $599.99

[Other] Exothermic Pulsefire LRT Flamethrower- $599.99


[Other] Exothermic Pulsefire LRT Flamethrower- $599.99

6 reviews for [Other] Exothermic Pulsefire LRT Flamethrower- $599.99

  1. TennesseeTater

    These are fun, but you’ll need the backpack tank so it lasts long enough to enjoy it.

  2. WiseDirt

    Would this be good for getting rid of the snow in my driveway?

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  4. LIBERALSsuckPP1234

    12 seconds of somewhat danger

  5. AscendantJustice

    Living in central VA right now, I could really use this…

  6. whatamisaying2u

    This looks way better than the glorified propane burner type flamers

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