[OTHER] Eagle Industries Escape & Resistance Belly Bag (ERB) Woodland $62.19

[OTHER] Eagle Industries Escape & Resistance Belly Bag (ERB) Woodland $62.19


[OTHER] Eagle Industries Escape & Resistance Belly Bag (ERB) Woodland $62.19

17 reviews for [OTHER] Eagle Industries Escape & Resistance Belly Bag (ERB) Woodland $62.19

  1. Sgt_Sodomy

    “i will have you know, sir, that this is no fanny pack! The gentleman that sold it to me assured me it was a belly bag.”

  2. Sudden_Giraffe

    Peak 2010 Nutnfancy right here.

  3. jaybee1669

    It’s a European Midriff Carry All!

  4. MotorheadBomber

    make sure you add a patch to the outside that says “TOTALLY NO GUN IN HERE WINK WINK”.

  5. datdude8686

    Fanny pack sounds better than belly bag.

  6. Erik_bo_Berik

    Is this a tactical fanny pack? It looks like a tactical fanny pack. This would go great with your military grade diaper bag when you’re watching the kids at Disney world while your wife and your wife’s boyfriend are hanging at the beach.

  7. CrunchBite319

    Give it whatever tacticool oper8or name you want, a fanny pack is still a fanny pack.

  8. is-a-dinosaur

    Yes it is a tactical fanny pack. It’s a very trendy thing on /r/tacticalgear so I figured I’d post here in case there’s any crossover between the ~~hypebeasts~~ operators over there and users here

  9. ZeroSequence

    Damn, I saw the pic preview and was hoping for a discounted $62 camo jockstrap.

  10. JethroFire

    This will go well with your ccw badge and sash

  11. Jimothius

    Sir… that’s a fanny pack…

  12. WherestheJustice–

    These guys got some balls on’em selling camo fanny packs for that price lol.

  13. ArcTuna

    Belly bag lol

  14. Heeatinbeans

    Or you could just buy a 15-20 dollar camo jansport Fanny pack. I call this getting tricked by a business.


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  16. AgreeablePie

    I’m gratified that they at least acknowledge it in the description

  17. Rimfighter

    When you’re trying to concealed carry without concealed carrying, this will go great with your Savage Tactician t shirt, Oakley M Frames, and 5.11 pants, for the full on “Grey Man^^TM” getup.

    For everyone else, there’s this:


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