[OTHER] Cool Fire Trainer – CO² Dry Fire System – $329 + $5 shipping (no taxes to TX)

[OTHER] Cool Fire Trainer – CO² Dry Fire System – $329 + $5 shipping (no taxes to TX)


[OTHER] Cool Fire Trainer – CO² Dry Fire System – $329 + $5 shipping (no taxes to TX)

11 reviews for [OTHER] Cool Fire Trainer – CO² Dry Fire System – $329 + $5 shipping (no taxes to TX)

  1. otiswrath

    I dig these as a concept but frankly the $430 for the visible laser version is a bit steep for me. I feel like I would probably be better served buying that much in ammo and practicing.

    That said, I see the benefit as a training aide and like the idea of training in my own home but this feels more like a toy to me.

    Hard2Hurt did a good video on it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mjw23aXZv0

    I want it but I don’t think I $400 want it. I think I more $200 want it.

  2. Thomas_peck

    I’m just gonna be an asshole and say that you must be really serious about dry firing if you spend this kind of money. You can buy BB guns that are co2 powered which basically do the same thing for about 60 bucks

  3. dr_bund

    These are cheaper elsewhere (bdu) and I honestly thought its a gimmick until I ordered one myself. Compared to Airsoft/orther trainers the *biggest* prod are that you use your own trigger/reset which is a massive training aid, your own slide so same optics/red dots. Its pricey upfront but will pay off in the long run

  4. me7ek

    Does anyone know if they make a similar product for the P365? I was surprised when I found that the manufacturer didn’t make a system for the model. After trying to contact the manufacturer about future plans to make a Sig P365 kit, I received no response.

  5. ZyklonB19D

    Just got mine in the mail today after 2.5month wait. It’s got to be worth the $$$ and wait and will pay for itself real quick.

    Sig P320 X-Five Legion with TIF Frame.

    I have a LaserPET II target system.

    Sorry I don’t have a report yet.

  6. RightIndividual1

    People seemed to like this when I posted the SIRT deal a few days ago. Here you can get most of the options as you could through CoolFire’s website, but shipping here is $5 and not $21 like it is there.

    I’d recommend getting the laser option (for $100) to use the laser training applications available.

    Personally though, I would just get the SIRT gun for $200 cheaper and not having to change the barrel out to dry fire. This could be useful for those with non Glock/M&P/Sig guns (SIRT only makes these three popular models) and for those who really want to use their own gun.


  7. IAMheretosell321

    any good?

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  9. gebsmith

    I wish they had a G43x version.

  10. Swine_Connoisseur

    That 1 review was enough to turn me off

  11. TacklinTempura

    Wish they got one for my G27.

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