[OTHER] CMMG .22lr AR conversion w/ 3 mags (10rd or 25rd) – $168.95

[OTHER] CMMG .22lr AR conversion w/ 3 mags (10rd or 25rd) – $168.95


[OTHER] CMMG .22lr AR conversion w/ 3 mags (10rd or 25rd) – $168.95

12 reviews for [OTHER] CMMG .22lr AR conversion w/ 3 mags (10rd or 25rd) – $168.95

  1. allister041

    Great price. I didn’t have the patience. I grabbed mine from primary arms last week for $200

  2. No_Wing4834

    Hella great price!!!! Got people on Ebay paying 300+!!

  3. XandrosUM

    Was this really in stock?

  4. FlyontheWall30

    What did this package deal go for pre covid? Interested in the price increase.

    Also if I was looking to build more of a dedicated .22 upper, where would I start? Is it just a .22 bolt carrier group and .22 barrel along with all the other normal ar upper parts?

  5. Outlawdreamer

    Yeah OOS

  6. Cunfuzle

    damn so close!


    Best mod for an AR-15 period. Accurate enough. Completely reliable in my case, granted I only use CCI ammo. Use golden bullet and you’ll get what you deserve.


    edit: this is a good price

  8. MiSTeRMeaTHeaD

    Dwamn… I wish I could have waited a lil longer. I got a single 10 round combo for 150. Dig dag dog.

  9. ItsThatDudeVorpal

    Saw this for 200+ for only one Mag at Cabelas… had to sign up as OOS here.

  10. Rjsmith5


  11. DoomDoomBabyFist

    Bought mine recently at 170 from Sportsman Guide but only had 1 mag 🙁

  12. Choogly

    Haven’t had any success with mine despite borebuddy upgrades, probably gonna sell. Wish I had put the money to a dedicated 22lr platform.

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