[Other] Chilean Mauser Bayonet – $75

[Other] Chilean Mauser Bayonet – $75


[Other] Chilean Mauser Bayonet – $75

6 reviews for [Other] Chilean Mauser Bayonet – $75

  1. realityflicks

    These seem ok. Simsponltd is pretty hit-and-miss with their wares, but a bayonet is unlikely to have a dented barrel that they failed to mention.

  2. Vercify

    Recently found one of these bayonets and a Mauser in my grandpa’s closet. My rifle and bayonet are dated 1917 and appear to have been manufactured in Germany. Extremely cool.

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  4. superkuper

    Any sources for Enfield bayonets that would fit an Ishapore 2A?


    Does anyone know if these happen to fit No. 5 Rolling Blocks in 7mm Mauser?

  6. paint3all

    Its worth noting this is for an 1895 Chilean Mauser, which should fit any other 1893 or 1895 pattern Mauser.

    If you want a cheaper bayonet for one of these rifles, Turkish bayonets will also fit and are pretty easy to snag for about 30-40 bucks. They standardized on this pattern of bayonet for all their rebuilt “1938” rifles.

    I’m also pretty surprised Simpsons didn’t ID this as Chilean. I’m about 90% sure it is, but the markings are quite worn. I think I see [one of the two typical marks you’d see on one](https://worldbayonets.com/Bayonet_Identification_Guide/Chile/Chile_2.html)

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