[Other] – Canon 30 gun gun safe – $450 reg $550, must add to cart

[Other] – Canon 30 gun gun safe – $450 reg $550, must add to cart


[Other] – Canon 30 gun gun safe – $450 reg $550, must add to cart

31 reviews for [Other] – Canon 30 gun gun safe – $450 reg $550, must add to cart

  1. Sweet_Meat_McClure

    Teenager meeting mom’s new boyfriend for scale


  2. SouthPawCO

    Stopped by my local TS and they have these on clearance. They are not marked in the store nor online unless you add to cart. Availability varies by location.

    I’ve had my Canon 64 Gun safe for 10+ years and it’s served me well with zero issues. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another.

  3. stevehyde

    Wait, y’all keep your guns in a safe and not spread throughout the house??

  4. surf53

    Here come the “iT’s nOt a rEaL sAfE uNlEsS…” comments

  5. panda1876

    Have one and it does the job BUT external hinges are a must have for my next safe. You can remover the door and it makes moving them much easier. Just something to take into consideration.

  6. ChongLi77

    *30 handgun safe

  7. commandocarl

    Very ymmv, AZ there is one in Coolidge but its 500. I bought mine at costco (similar) and I like it while also paying just a bit more.
    Just an FYI for those hating, it prevents a lot of theft. Most are grab bag and run. Just remember to up your home insurance cause they top out at 2500 usually and its not much more to add up to 10k for gun/ammo theft!

  8. Crossblue

    I have this exact safe, got it 2 weeks ago. Loving it so far!

  9. LotionOfMotion

    I’d rather not have a keypad, is there a model with a tumbler?

  10. LTWestie275

    How is this comparable to Winchester models? Thoughts?

  11. 77SOULDIER77

    I’m a $500 gun safe kind of guy. In for one. Picking it up an hour away from me tomorrow.

  12. Platanium

    Can’t add it to cart. Is it sold out or something?

  13. Biggie313

    Not available at the 10 near me within 100 miles

  14. dirtyboots702


  15. Vice_Admiral_Crunch

    What’s the conversion rate from 30 fudd guns to modern rifles with optics?

  16. AltruisticRub7812

    $449 total with curbside pickup, thanks for the deal man!

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  18. hernric1

    I have this exact safe! I got it on sale for 350, great safe for the price.

  19. chewyeti

    Shit. None near me

  20. BrambleVale3

    Damn, store 3 minutes from my house has one in stock.

  21. joedusky

    Does anyone know what the best fire proof safe is? I’m more worried about a fire happening than a burglary.

  22. 1320Fastback

    For anyone in north San Diego area Valley Center TSC has them.

  23. thechosengalaxy

    Would 1-2 people be enough to move this?

  24. one4u2nv

    If you’re in Tennessee, and can find one in stock, there are no taxes. In fact, there are no taxes on any gun safes in Tennessee until June 2022.

  25. TaskForceD00mer

    Gonna speak from experience, PICK THIS UP YOURSELF.

    The delivery company they use is an absolute shit show. They don’t strap these down, customer service while they do pick up the phone is totally unhelpful.

    FUCKING RUN from having it delivered.

  26. IveGotRope

    If only this was here two weeks ago when I went and bought a safe for my place. Damnit.

  27. realhidaro

    >14 Gauge Steel

  28. Stratojack

    Awesome, just grabbed one and my 10% off coupon for signing up to Neighbor’s Club worked too! Total was $404.99.

  29. hellbilly_

    Thanks for the heads up. Just scored one for $399 out the door!

  30. Secret-Werewolf

    Recently in the latest issue of Robbery magazine they did a poll of where thief’s prefer their robbery victims keep their guns.

    In a locked safe was right up there at the top as one of their most preferred storage locations.

  31. themorgmam

    Damn it. Non in stock for 150 mile.

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