[other] Bolt Bending Service for Mausers and Mosins, $45 and $50 respectively

[other] Bolt Bending Service for Mausers and Mosins, $45 and $50 respectively


[other] Bolt Bending Service for Mausers and Mosins, $45 and $50 respectively

22 reviews for [other] Bolt Bending Service for Mausers and Mosins, $45 and $50 respectively

  1. Guntuckytactical

    If you buy this and send your bolt in, it’s technically “pending for a bending.”

  2. TheCandyManCan1

    Curious: does this service undo a bendy bolt? I have a Mauser I’d like to restore.

  3. RobbKyro

    Bender Bending Rodriguez

  4. macsspeed

    Mad props to the patience of OP who’s replied to every naysayer with a reasonable reply on why this makes sense in some scenarios. If people want to fuck up guns, shame on them, but we shouldn’t not share resources with each other

  5. SmithSights

    Hey Folks,

    This isn’t my business and I’m not affiliated with the feller. I keep getting asked if I bend bolts — NO, I do not, and I’ve been unsure who to recommend.

    Apparently the number of folks doing this job has dwindled. I took the time to confirm this feller is still in business. He is, however, looking at a 2mo lead time, so keep that in mind.

    His prices are very reasonable, though, and that’s a plus.


    Josh Smith


  6. samurailemur

    Today I’m reminded that folks love to rush to the comments section to chime in on things they don’t have comprehensive knowledge of, without an attempt to learn more.

    I’m glad I was able to learn that this is a necessary process for specific restoration among certain models, and that it’s possible to fool around with Mosin’s specifically given their bolt body design. Pretty cool

  7. pipingwater

    Just buy a modern scoped rifle. It’ll be much more accurate. Don’t take your historic milsurp and turn it into something it’s not.

    Tl;dr: Bubba no

  8. Mongorian-Beef

    What’s the point of bending the bolt? Are they trying to make it look like a Guesalealiaeila product?

  9. DanGTG

    Just tell them to go get bent, but elsewhere.

  10. noxstocks

    Thank you! Who knew a cheap gun had such a cult following? My mosin was one of my first gun purchases, and I hacked the shit out of it! I learned a lot about guns and how they worked tearing down one. And I’d do it again!

    Your fun might be preserving and looking at them. My hobby is getting elbow deep tearing down, modifying, and learning. To each their own!

    Just so you know I’m not trolling: [https://imgur.com/a/kwKYP2p?s](https://imgur.com/a/kwKYP2p?s)

  11. tomagnet

    Friends don’t let friends sporterize.

  12. BrawlyJam17767

    Get this bubba shit outta here

  13. gfx260

    I have not owned a mosin and have spent 0 seconds researching why bolts need to be bent… i’m just imagining the process is something like Neo and the spoon in the original Matrix movie

  14. austinsarmoury

    Bubba no

  15. ExCon1986

    Hahaha I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks this is tacky.



  17. Big_Easy_Pimp

    Get out of here Bubba!

  18. Kscharmota

    And on the 3rd day, the lord said to Bubba “Go, go forth and commit irreversible damage to old military surplus firearms”

  19. 86gwrhino

    talk about not knowing your audience

    edit: lol at the downvotes, we all good with bubba’n shit because the mosin man said so?

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  21. cheshirelaugh

    How DARE you modify this piece of shit garbage rod not good enough for even using as a boat anchor.

    -Assholes in the comments.

  22. meemmen

    Out of curiousity, think he’d be willing to bend the bolt on a Carcano, or even spoonerize it?

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