[Other] Bighorn 18.46 cu ft. safe – Costco $549.99 free shipping

[Other] Bighorn 18.46 cu ft. safe – Costco $549.99 free shipping


[Other] Bighorn 18.46 cu ft. safe – Costco $549.99 free shipping

21 reviews for [Other] Bighorn 18.46 cu ft. safe – Costco $549.99 free shipping

  1. trashypandabandit

    Obligatory comment about how if it can’t withstand a team of professional burglars with 24 hours to work and a California wildfire then you might as well put your guns in a locked filing cabinet.

  2. Jzarrelli

    Placed an order this morning. Was waiting for this to go back on sale. Was able to schedule delivery for this Saturday.

  3. panda1876

    340lb ain’t bad to move, especially since it has external hinges but shipping to door vs shipping to final destination is a big difference on safes. I had one dropped on my porch in the middle of winter when I thought they’d deliver inside. That was a fun day

  4. DogDooly

    Damn. Oos for my area. Been waiting on this deal to come back.

  5. ABrotherGrimm

    I love mine and for anyone worried about the electronic lock, there is a conversion kit to turn it to a manual dial instead that’s about $80. There are some YouTube videos on how to install it and it doesn’t seem too difficult.

  6. DrKDB

    Does anyone have this model? How many scary black rifles do you guys think I can fit in one of these?

  7. meddlingmages

    If I was in my forever home. Can’t imagine having to move these shits

  8. david_MKE

    Any concerns that it does not have a backup key for access? My brother and I were debating about this and the Costco reviews mentioned issues with the electronic keypad. Any first hand reviews on the sub?

  9. hitstheblunt

    Throw your delivery drivers a $20 and a box of 9mm. Odds are, one of them will shoot. I did that and they were stoked.

  10. Dirtydancin27

    Ordered one up this morning. Looks like it’s OOS in my area now.

    Scheduled delivery for Saturday. I’m hoping they’ll bring it in the house the room I’m putting it in is on the ground floor so fingers crossed.

  11. LinechargeII

    If you have a Costco account you can probably get a $50 off $500 coupon from chat support. If you’ve already used your coupon, you can probably get another after the current one expires.

  12. DjR1tam

    Went in to my local Costco and they have it marked for $499 in store

  13. TheCat0115

    I’d love to get one but don’t have the space downstairs. Getting it up the stairs sounds like a nightmare. Sad

  14. jj74125

    been waiting for a sale on this and of course its OOS in my area. ugh

  15. Ded_man_3112

    Never ordered a large item like this from Costco. Think the ground floor only delivery includes the basement, so long is a back yard is leading to it?

  16. Embarrassed-Cabinet

    Got one of these back in February. Great deal. Not the same as the 1100 lb safe my dad has but for me it works. At least until I stop spending money on filling the safe.

  17. N1ightwolf95

    How many guns can it hold ?

  18. MadMaxMercer

    Inspect your safe before they leave, I had the smaller one delivered a few weeks ago and it was damaged through the box (enough to take a chunk of finish off and another large dent). It’s been 4 weeks and my replacement is coming today but I’m still annoyed I had to wait this long.

  19. Ruby_McRidge

    If one of the giant ones would go on sale, that would be cool.

  20. August0Pin0Chet

    I’ve been happy with my 8+ year old model. The locking mechanism gets a bit stiff but overall its an excellent safe for the $$$$$.

  21. Eatsleeptren

    Noob question: What do you do if the battery dies or the keypad stops working?

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