[Other] Bighorn 18.46 cu. ft. Executive Safe $600

[Other] Bighorn 18.46 cu. ft. Executive Safe $600


[Other] Bighorn 18.46 cu. ft. Executive Safe $600

18 reviews for [Other] Bighorn 18.46 cu. ft. Executive Safe $600

  1. Direct-Example

    Great safe for the price, unless you think you’re being targeted by professional thieves for your priceless gun collection ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  2. I_Am_NoBody_2

    If you haven’t used your $50 off $500 coupon yet, you can chat with customer representative and they will give you one.

    Shipping is delivered into the room of your choice on the ground before, which is better than most safes since they will only delivered to your driveway. Weigh in at 340 lbs. Electronic lock, but you can remove it and install a mechanical dial one instead. Probably holds 10-12 rifles and 12 pistols realistically. And make sure you bolt your shit to the ground.

  3. melaflander34

    I am an executive at my one person company. Do I need to talk to my CEO about putting this in my office? How fancy will this make me look?

  4. Furrealyo

    Hereโ€™s the manual lock replacement. $100 on Amazon and super easy to install. YouTube it for step by step.

    Sargent & Greenleaf S&G Model 6730-100 Mechanical Safe Lock Kit

  5. OcelotPrize

    Reviews from someone who owns this thing? Costco says 4.5 star on over 2k

  6. meowm35

    I have this. It’s nice. Can also switch to a combo lock if you want. The Sargent and Greenleaf 6730-100 works.

  7. Like_A_Boushh

    This or drop a few hundred more on a Liberty Revere 30 gun? Itโ€™d be used as a typical gun/ammo safe.


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  9. ballroomcpa

    Says oos, with promotion extended. So not really a deal, now?

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  11. TakeOffYaHoser


  12. MyGFLikes2SneezeOnMe

    I really want this but I’m in an upstairs apartment ๐Ÿ™ I ended up buying the shitty 20 gun Cannon safe from Tractor supply for $350

  13. whk1992

    I wish Costco sells a safe that’s half the width with the same features.

  14. realhidaro

    could this fit an 18″ AR with an extended buffer tube?

  15. djta1l

    Bought this last summer for ~$580 out the door.

    Not the biggest, strongest or safest safe – but for the price that includes in room delivery – hard to beat.

    Personally hate the keypad because the numbers don’t align in what I would consider a normal pattern – but it works.

  16. kasukeo

    Want to buy it but itโ€™s OOS for my zip code (WA state).

    I did see this safe in the warehouse about 2 months ago for $699.

  17. Frackenbrau

    I got this safe from Costco and love it. FYI it usually goes on sale at Costco for around $500 delivered to your driveway about twice a year.

  18. iLuvstockglocksights

    Cheaply made apparently. Unless itโ€™s purely for children not getting into it and smash & grab robberies save your money and watch [this](https://youtu.be/ltK-bDbADa8)

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