[Other] Bighorn 12.73ft safe $299.97 with free S&H

[Other] Bighorn 12.73ft safe $299.97 with free S&H


[Other] Bighorn 12.73ft safe $299.97 with free S&H

25 reviews for [Other] Bighorn 12.73ft safe $299.97 with free S&H

  1. Oats_Man

    I actually got one of these from Costco. I use it to store silver bullion and crack rock.

  2. [deleted]


  3. MadMaxMercer

    $100 cheaper than a week ago, came out to $317 all in.

  4. joe_sun

    Damn.. Sold out here in Idaho

  5. LeftyMage

    One redditor pointed out how easy it is to breech this safe from ~30,0000 feet in about a minute. I had this safe back in ’45 in Nagasaki. Held up pretty good, but did not withstand the nuclear explosion. Probably best to look elsewhere for anything nuclear-resistant to protect your guns.

  6. Channel_Plus

    I just paid 399.97 for this. Just requested a price adjustment. Thanks OP

  7. phergordon

    These are still available in my area. I decided to pick one up to replace my 22 gun stack on cabinet. While I wish it was bigger, the price and size are about right for my apartment.

    The $300 is well worth the added bit of security it will give me knowing it’ll be a couple hundred pounds harder to just lug off out the back door.

  8. Smacked_Juicebox

    You bastards, it’s out of stock. My state enacted laws about how you have to store your guns and I needed a safe anyways, but y’all are monsters.

  9. Fantastic_Angle_699

    Posting this from last time this came up, in case anyone has reservations about a keypad with no keyed bypass:

    And here is the mechanical lock if you want to replace the keypad. Easy job, no drilling, check YouTube for vids.

    Sargent and Greenleaf 6730-100… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002EDF466?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

  10. MadMaxMercer

    I’m still showing in stock for my location so I’m not going to flag it yet, hopefully someone else can get in on a good deal.

  11. 1cePalace

    Is this a good deal and do you need a Costco membership to buy?

  12. MrDogtor

    This looks like it holds 8-10 rifles, yea?

  13. justagook

    YSK .97 means it’s clearance item. Ask they will not be restocking these

  14. Easy_Loss6858

    Thanks for the heads up. Saw this here yeesterday and bought one.

  15. TheBestUkester

    Out of stock for me.

  16. bitcuration

    I remember this was on sale for around the same price last year right after the pandemic hit. I hesitated in March and April while buying my first gun and thinking may not need it. Soon after I decided on the 2nd gun, it’s sold out in Costco.

  17. Ruby_McRidge

    I need a safe in the worst way. This isn’t remotely big enough, but I think it’ll be a good secondary safe/ammo closet for the second floor.

    If the big Cannon safe could go on sale, that would be awesome. I just can’t justify spending $1000 on it when it’s been as cheap as $600 historically.

  18. nakimar

    Damn I missed this one – hopefully they’ll restock these on the 4th this year

  19. maverick202

    Got one in IL! Looks like there are more available still in IL.

  20. No_Warthog_561

    If only we had a Costco in my city

  21. Bigred2989-

    I made a note of this in the last thread, but the site for the company that makes it doesn’t even list Bighorn safes anymore. Can’t find info on warranty and stuff. And typically a “7” at the end means clearance price. They have another safe that’s twice as expensive and I think I’d rather go with that one.

  22. lolmiley

    Unfortunately sold out. N. Fl., S. Ga. zips. Big sad =[

  23. CalebTheEternal

    I’m looking to get a decent small size safe. Would this be a good option as a first safe? It’s current OOS but it seems like a great value for $300. Any idea how long it takes for them to come back in stock?

  24. AltruisticRub7812

    Wish they’d come in stock in the Houston area

  25. WatercressSpiritual

    #craigslist #facebookmarket

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