[Other] Back in stock: Bighorn 18.46 cu. ft. Executive Safe – $599.99 no shipping fee

[Other] Back in stock: Bighorn 18.46 cu. ft. Executive Safe – $599.99 no shipping fee


[Other] Back in stock: Bighorn 18.46 cu. ft. Executive Safe – $599.99 no shipping fee

21 reviews for [Other] Back in stock: Bighorn 18.46 cu. ft. Executive Safe – $599.99 no shipping fee

  1. inventurous

    Real deal is the free delivery. $20 bucks and a clear path to its final destination will usually get it there as well, assuming no stairs.

    Have the Defender 40 which looks very similar. Plan on about half the advertised capacity if your guns have optics mounted and buy 4x the biggest size you think you’ll ever need.

  2. SouthPawCO

    Safe experts in 3, 2, 1…. ‘tHiS wOnT kEeP yOuR gUnZ sAfE.’

  3. luke519

    Just had mine delivered yesterday. Keypad feels cheap and it’s not going to stop a skilled attack. But for smash and grabs I think it’s perfectly fine. Fits all my stuff without issue. https://i.imgur.com/E74TkTd.jpg

  4. mach16lt

    I was supposed to have one of these delivered today.

    Just be aware that the people that deliver the safe, don’t give a fuck about what Costco says on the website. The delivery crew that showed up today refused to bring the safe up 2 steps into my front door, and they said the only place they would deliver is to my garage.

    I refused the delivery. Costco says on the product page that they will deliver to any room on the ground floor. Apparently, that is open for interpretation by 3rd party delivery vendors.

  5. Superloxana

    Just throw your guns into the lake like a normal person.

  6. HumanFuture7

    How many guns can fit in here realistically and also is there a way to replace the electronic keypad with a mechanical system?

  7. hamknuckle

    Free delivery even to alaska.

  8. Rock_it_Scientist

    Showing $450 for me… https://imgur.com/gallery/VHuMahv

    Edit: Had me shook for a minute. I bought tires today that came with a $150 off discount. I removed the tires but it kept the discount in the cart. It disappeared once I tried to check out. Damn.

  9. HummingBored1

    In stock for Kansas city. OOS for Los Angeles.

  10. Keepingthethrowaway

    Problem is finding that’s flood rated too

  11. PTIowa

    I bought mine for 499 and have seen them on here for 399. Still, if you need one now its a good safe

  12. BrambleVale3

    Link and app are showing oos.

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  15. YooserNahme

    In stock for NH. Is this a good safe? Not sure if I need a larger one just yet.

  16. ThrowMeAwayAccount08

    Awww not available in my zip code.

  17. Crescentzero

    This or vaultek rs800i?

  18. kasukeo

    Trying to decide either this or the Sanctuary 10.8cuft for $550-50=$500. Sanctuary one is much smaller but would still fit my needs. No free delivery though but it has power outlets inside the safe.

  19. dfokas

    Is the storage on this practical? I bought a 26-gun safe from Tractor supply and how it’s laid out kinda sucks. The pistol pockets on the door are too close to each other so if you have normal sized guns in there they will run against each other. I couldn’t set the height of the top shelf to where I wanted it to because the pistols in the door got in the way and the door wouldn’t close making the top shelf way too small. Not customizable enough. I guess what I needed was just a bigger safe haha.

  20. BuickturboV6

    Grr…not available @ my Costco

  21. Numerous_Intern_9224

    It’s been out of stock since it went on sale wheni enter my zip code

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