[Other] Aws Inc memorial day sale. $10 off 100 and $20 off 250

[Other] Aws Inc memorial day sale. $10 off 100 and $20 off 250


[Other] Aws Inc memorial day sale. $10 off 100 and $20 off 250

9 reviews for [Other] Aws Inc memorial day sale. $10 off 100 and $20 off 250

  1. losthours

    This is one of my fav gear companies, imo they make the best belts on the market and their compact dump pouch is my absolute fav. They have all kinds of stuff on their website including gas masks, helmets, some vintage rifle parts. All kinds of cool stuff. The company has been around for like 60 years and works with the SOF community as part of it’s life’s blood. I’m one if the mods on the r/tacticalgear subreddit and I enjoy helping people navigate this weird fashion.

    [My SMU](http://imgur.com/a/Z3Jn3eB)
    [My Split front Recce rig](http://imgur.com/a/unZzTYH)
    [My OCPC](http://imgur.com/a/EG6S9Dw)

    [One Wrap Method + LAB for absolute high quality low price gear](https://www.reddit.com/r/tacticalgear/comments/ja0zch/fyi_series_onewrap_and_you/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share)

  2. dswen17

    Have their SMU belt and it’s gtg

  3. kne0n

    Wait so 10% off if you spend $100 but 8% if you spend $250? What mouth breather is in charge of their marketing?

  4. dogmonkeybaby

    Just bought this yesterday. Legit gear.

  5. zippitydoodiddly

    Bought one 2 weeks ago… Coulda saved $10. Oh well. I’m happy with the belt

  6. Nubbl3s

    Darn, nothing for my wee little Lab belt order

  7. treerain

    Every time I see a post like this I’m reminded how little I know about tactical gear. All these names and acronyms, and I don’t even know the purpose of half this stuff. I guess that’s what non-gun people feel like around us gun nerds.

  8. Allusion-Conclusion

    What do you say of the Military Rigger/ Shooters Belt (50112)? Anyone have any experience with it?

  9. trav_man89

    Do the Molle panels match the belt color?

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