[Other] ATK Force on Force Neck Protection $3.56 (see comments for more deals)

[Other] ATK Force on Force Neck Protection $3.56 (see comments for more deals)


[Other] ATK Force on Force Neck Protection $3.56 (see comments for more deals)

17 reviews for [Other] ATK Force on Force Neck Protection $3.56 (see comments for more deals)

  1. snipzy

    Will this keep my neckbeard warm?

  2. tenchi4u


  3. doolimite1

    Is this for vampire defense?

  4. CharlieThermopilus

    Can only post once every 5 days:



  5. Franky_Berry

    Tactical Turtleneck

  6. Markusmarkie

    Does this come with bluetooth to play the call of duty juggernaut sound-bit while wearing it?

  7. Clifton1979

    Only $4 for a jizz bib is a steal…


    $10.99 shipping FYI

  9. salemlakes

    i can see this for playing with my dog and it would complement the old leather arm protector but if im REALLLY going force on force id need a good blood tube protector… something out of Kevlar that allows for movement but will stop a TNT team of Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett from getting a crit hit on my gullet.

  10. Zombleex

    If you’ve ever been shot in the neck with utm, go ahead and hit that buy button.

  11. M11Nine

    Does this prevent COVID?

  12. Bcomplexity

    Had a couple close encounters a few games, airsoft and paintball, where I joked these would be useful.

  13. biklab

    Perfect! Something to protect me from hickies and spall damage! Big win here

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  15. PenisPoonisher

    Can I get a package deal if I buy steel plates to go with this?

  16. aznazguy


  17. PedanticDilettante

    Pretty sure that isn’t how you’re supposed to wear a facemask.

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