[OTHER] Aero blem epc9 lower $105

[OTHER] Aero blem epc9 lower $105


[OTHER] Aero blem epc9 lower $105

5 reviews for [OTHER] Aero blem epc9 lower $105

  1. RodgerTibbs

    Where all the centimeter women?

  2. DucksCanSwim

    Heads up, they’re pretty behind. I ordered an EPC9 lower on 05/25 from Aero and they have not shipped it yet.

    You’ll get it, but it might take a while.

  3. EvilProstatectomy

    Do I buy this or hold out for an FDE blem 🤔

  4. cattywampus42

    I just want the upper 🙁

  5. T_Snake451

    Is this only for Glock mags? The website doesn’t seem to indicate a specific mag type?

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