[Other] ADM recon 30mm QD mount. $170 shipped.

[Other] ADM recon 30mm QD mount. $170 shipped.


[Other] ADM recon 30mm QD mount. $170 shipped.

9 reviews for [Other] ADM recon 30mm QD mount. $170 shipped.

  1. FunkyTownMonkeyClown

    Durable? Yes. Heavy? Yes. Holds zero? Yes. /review.

  2. C_Does

    Damn it! I couldnt even post my review of these bad boys. Great price for Titanium levers!

  3. rybe390

    The return to zero on these is amazing. You obviously want to check but…it works.

    I’ve removed the optic from the rings, removed the mount from the rifle, and remounted it all, and the optic was still zeroed.

  4. Never_fucking_curses

    Bot OOS

  5. Oldfatsad

    Damn. Would have grabbed.

  6. Hellspeaker


    Oh wait, this isn’t GAFS.


  7. hoegaarden81

    Pricy but nice. This doesn’t seem like a deal though.

    Also, Warne non qd mounts are $80 on joebob.

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  9. bigfoot_76

    Dammit, no one ever puts 1″ on sale. F Trijicon for having awesome glass and shitty tube sizes.

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