[Other] $80 optics cut ($20 nitride)

[Other] $80 optics cut ($20 nitride)


[Other] $80 optics cut ($20 nitride)

15 reviews for [Other] $80 optics cut ($20 nitride)

  1. j_fett

    Bold move doing a sale when my slide they received on July 22nd still hasn’t came back…lmao

  2. pewpewunited

    Just so everyone knows, if you plan on getting your slide cut in the future, you can purchase this and send in your slide when ever you want, could be tomorrow or in 3 months. Just save your order number.

  3. MrMan2101

    Anyone who’s looking for jagerwerks to do milling jobs. I recommend them, their work is amazing. Just be ready to potentially not have that slide for 5 months….

  4. flynn007

    Lol, arent current lead times like 17 weeks or something? Guh, I’m getting in line I guess.

  5. UDntMakFrenzWthSalad

    There is a gent on GAFS who does $75 optic cuts all day. He can do single color cerakote, but no multicolor or nitride. Great quality work. He’s done two of my slides already, getting ready to send a third.

    And most importantly, you’ll have your slide back within a week of him receiving it

  6. HunterMac91

    Just a heads up. Mine took 16 weeks from last sale. It’s a good deal but be prepared for a wait.

  7. Long_Liv3_Howl3r

    Perfect if your kid just turned 18 and you want to give them an optics ready Glock for their 21st birthday.

  8. mccdizzie

    For glock it’s still showing full price with cut and nitride ($160)

  9. theoldhaunt

    Lol mine took 12 weeks and the slide cut ended up being different than what I ordered. But the work itself is fantastic.

  10. Alextjb99

    I got my slide cut locally and I don’t regret it. Shipping out my slide and potentially having it gone for weeks or months was too nerve wracking for me. If you are in Port St Lucie, FL you can check out Oreilly Custom Designs.

    Also for some reason I really like that their name is – OCD. Haha

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  12. d0glif3

    Man I got excited when I saw archon cut then I realized cut plus optic cost almost as much as type b does

  13. osprey1349

    Did my 19 a little while ago. Quoted 12 weeks got it back just over 10. They’re pretty legit.

  14. BKSPharmD

    I had my 19 and 43x cut with them within the last couple years with awesome results. Yes…they are slow right now but so is everyone else due to COYVID. I was considering going with someone else this year but will stay loyal and be prepared to wait. In for one…

  15. TheDerbLerd

    If my LGS will do a slide cut and cerakote for $150 and their lead time is only a week. I’d be a fool to send out and wait months just to save a couple $100.

    My only thought is that the optic in having milled for sits very high in general (509t) and some more known shops might have lower cuts

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