[Other] 3M Peltors Comtac V Defenders $385.95 + Tax + $10 Shipping

[Other] 3M Peltors Comtac V Defenders $385.95 + Tax + $10 Shipping


[Other] 3M Peltors Comtac V Defenders $385.95 + Tax + $10 Shipping

6 reviews for [Other] 3M Peltors Comtac V Defenders $385.95 + Tax + $10 Shipping

  1. iron_knee_of_justice

    There are instructions for converting these to radio ready here – https://firstsourcewireless.com/blogs/blog/comtac-hearing-defender-to-comms

    Seems like it will cost a least $180 for a cheap boom mic and Y harness so you’re saving like $150 over the factory coms ready model.

  2. WarriorBC

    Step 1. Join military

    Step 2. Give supply nsn to order you comtacs

    Step 3. ??????

    Step 4. Profit

  3. [deleted]


  4. cavemannnn

    Actually just had these delivered yesterday so no real world experience yet but taking them on an airboat tonight so we’ll see how they do. Couple takeaways:

    1. As others have said, these are not the comms ones. I don’t have friends to larp with, so no need for those yet, but they can be upgraded later. Also heard mixed reviews about the Comtacs comms components, so I’ll gross that bridge another day.

    2. These do not come with gel cups (big sad). I also have the MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X (that’s a mouthful) and they did come with gel cups for ~$100 less.

    3. Audio is very clear and does seem to get louder than my Sordins. I usually run double earpro and hearing range commands can sometimes be a challenge so I’m glad these speakers are louder.

    4. These have an secondary earpro mode (that’s definitely not the name) for when you’re running passive earplugs. Allegedly it bumps up the speaker by 6 dB which is a nice feature.

    Overall, very happy with these so far. Would have liked Coyote but I’ll probably take em apart and rattle can or just get some of that fabric adhered to them anyway.

  5. corbinsc35

    Are these worth the price?

  6. numeater

    If I do plan on converting to comms, is there any features that the already comm enabled ones have that these don’t?

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