[Other] 15-Round .22LR Reloadable Beehive Round for 37mm/40mm Launchers – $175

[Other] 15-Round .22LR Reloadable Beehive Round for 37mm/40mm Launchers – $175


[Other] 15-Round .22LR Reloadable Beehive Round for 37mm/40mm Launchers – $175

24 reviews for [Other] 15-Round .22LR Reloadable Beehive Round for 37mm/40mm Launchers – $175

  1. Kushyyy

    so this is basically 40mm ratshot? a weapon to surpass metal gear?

  2. illhaveanotherplease

    Finally a product that combines my two hobbies: beekeeping and LARPing.

  3. JTastiK

    Now THIS…this fucks

  4. Whiskey-12

    So what tax stamps do I need?

  5. topsykrette

  6. Creekochee

    PSA: This round WILL make your 37mm a DD in the eyes of the AFT. How they would ever find out that you used these is another matter, but just be aware it may be something they can use to jam you up if they are phishing.

  7. Sweet_Meat_McClure

    Sgt Pepperbox

  8. thermite4life

    So basically I’d have my own punt gun attached to my AR15? Fuck yes. I don’t know how I can contain this excitement

  9. IdyllicArcadia

    Ngl, I have no clue what a good deal on this, couldn’t find many product pages and I even checked the 3rd page of Google results *shudders*

  10. Draconieray


  11. hornmonk3yzit

    So you can have all the awesome stopping power of a single low recoil buckshot shell for the low low price of $400 and a two year wait for a tax stamp to be approved after mailing your fingerprints to a government agency.

  12. renegadeGDI

    Things I didn’t know I needed before logging in to reddit for 500, Alex.

  13. zynemisis

    This with .22lr tracers would be dope. Very expensive firework, but still dope.

  14. someperson1423

    I wish 37mm M203s were still a thing. LMT and Colt did runs on them a while back but they are now unobtanium, saw one on GB go for over $6K. All the other designs look so terrible IMO. If I’m getting a novelty like that I at least want it to look neat.

  15. Nanekud

    Very novel. You can get a shotgun for less than this though. Cheaper than this thing, cheaper than the tax stamp for a launcher. But some wise man did say everybody should have a launcher…

  16. turkyshooter

    This is pretty much as cheap as you’ll get one of these

  17. tubadude2

    I want it, but I have no idea what I’d do with it. I guess turn my M203 in to a slow to reload quasi-shotgun?

  18. grahamja

    This would be neat for quad copters, if you didn’t have to worry about all those .22 rounds raining down in the distance.

  19. Boostin_Boxer

    Now I’m just thinking about what the recoil of 15 rounds of .22LR would be like.. maybe like a 12 gauge? It’s like 600 grains of projectiles

  20. SmoothJ1mmyApollo

    Is this like the Mandalorian whistling birds??? /s

  21. Elegant_Campaign_896

    Are they rifled?

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  23. Nobody44LoveLetter

    Why have I never heard of this…

  24. RootTootPrintNShoot

    Just fyi, owning this and a 37mm launcher retroactively makes your launcher an NFA item. Im not your dad, but if youre gonna break rules, you ought to at least know what to deny.

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