[OTHER] 15% discount at SecureIt (safes and lockers) with code milravx15

[OTHER] 15% discount at SecureIt (safes and lockers) with code milravx15


[OTHER] 15% discount at SecureIt (safes and lockers) with code milravx15

13 reviews for [OTHER] 15% discount at SecureIt (safes and lockers) with code milravx15

  1. rede_k

    These are good for the organization and disassembly options. My quad kit fits around the same quantity as my liberty fatboy (64 gun) did. I’ve shoved some stuff where it isn’t supposed to go.

    Conventional safes suck to move. Either get one small enough, which won’t hold much, or a big one that’ll crush you. These products shine in regards to organization, but the shipping costs are pretty ridiculous and may kill the deal.

    If you have a solution for when you move, I think a conventional safe/RSC is the better option.

  2. loki993

    Why are their cabinets so expensive?

  3. Po-Lee-S

    Man, paid $110 more two months ago when it was during another sale

  4. dbctny

    PASS. I bought one like 6 months ago, wish I’d gotten a real safe instead.

  5. [deleted]


  6. Deadpan9

    At least it doesn’t have corrosive Chinese drywall in it like so many other “safes”.

  7. iridorian2016

    Really considering the Fast Box, but I’m also looking at V-Line and Fort Knox mechanical lock boxes. Any suggestions one way or another?

  8. roostersnuffed

    Anyone got an example of the next best brand? Their safes are cool but I cant spend that sort of money on a 12 gun safe. Im looking at like $8k to secureit my shit.

  9. thismyotheraccount2

    I really like my agile 52 pro. That said… a few long guns, some ammo, some accessories and hand guns and that shit is full. It’s got great organization options so though, so I’m thinking id probably have the same issue with any other similarly sized safe. I’m debating adding the smaller one on top for ammo and parts I don’t want my little one getting after that aren’t currently locked up. I think it’s expensive for what it is, and I also think it is the right safe for me at this point in time. So take that for what it’s worth.

  10. keknom

    They are great if you have a smaller collection and live in a space that transporting a traditional heavy safe into is impossible. This safe pretty light and also can be broken up into multiple light pieces. It’s possible for a single person to bring one of these safes up 3-4 flights of stairs and install it on their own.

    Now there are also plenty of disadvantages. They NEED to be anchored to the wall or the floor since they are light. They have an electronic lock with a rather insecure override key and are made of thin enough sheet metal an angle grinder could make quick work of them.

    I’d only buy one if you can’t feasibly get a more traditional safe into the space. I own once since I live in an apartment and know I’ll probably be moving every 2-3 years.

  11. FirstGT

    Does liberty or anyone like that ever run sales?

  12. GB_aus

    I’ve had the 52″ for two years and I like it. Today, I bought a 40″ to stack on top and that will be great for me. That way I can keep the guns on the bottom and then on top is all the ammo boxes, cleaners and empty boxes and all the extra I can clean up off my closet floor. I do like their organization a lot. I have one shelf and I have 4 of the 6slot steel bins across the back.

    It will be great for the top 40″ safe to keep solvents and I think anybody who wants a safe either knows they want a safe they cannot move by themselves and possibly rust your guns, ..or this type of modular system that breathes. I’d say if you live in a salty climate maybe you want an air-sealed safe, but I don’t and I love the products and the employees and owner have been great and helpful for the several purchase I have made.

  13. Djnewman001

    Thanks, been eyeing these for awhile.

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