[Other] $10 off battle and EDC belts with applied gear

[Other] $10 off battle and EDC belts with applied gear


[Other] $10 off battle and EDC belts with applied gear

7 reviews for [Other] $10 off battle and EDC belts with applied gear

  1. losthours

    Spend your Christmas money on a high quality belt. Im a mod in r/tacticalgear. I’m in a mission to help people ditch the chinesium and buy quality american products. This is about as inexpensive bad a two piece belt gets. Pick one if these up, some Velcro OneWrap and some pouches if your choice for the best in both quality and price.

    This is what I personally run as my range day belt system. I have a ton of belts but this one is always my favorite because it’s slick, light and incredibly stiff.

  2. Tionishia

    I have been using one of their hybrid belts everyday for over 2 years. It allows me to carry a full size cz75 and sp01 in a sidecar very easily, just make sure you don’t lie to yourself about the size, and factor in your holiday pounds.

  3. GabeP71

    Thanks bud. Just picked one up

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  5. Thepoogenie

    Maybe a dumb question, but the two layer battle belts, do you put them through your belt loop?

  6. your_huckleberry249

    Would you recommend this belt or the double duty one if I’m only going to use it to hold a dump pouch

  7. rpd92319

    Wish the outer belt was 2″

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