[Optics] Vortex Razor HD Gen II 1-6×24 | $899.99 | JM-1 BDC Riflescope RZR-16003 | SHIPS FREE

[Optics] Vortex Razor HD Gen II 1-6×24 | $899.99 | JM-1 BDC Riflescope RZR-16003 | SHIPS FREE


[Optics] Vortex Razor HD Gen II 1-6×24 | $899.99 | JM-1 BDC Riflescope RZR-16003 | SHIPS FREE

14 reviews for [Optics] Vortex Razor HD Gen II 1-6×24 | $899.99 | JM-1 BDC Riflescope RZR-16003 | SHIPS FREE

  1. JsDi

    Maybe one day I’ll get into LPVOs. When I do and when I have disposable money, I’ll get myself a Razor

  2. jacegarfieldisabitch

    Is this the ‘mother bitch’ of LPVO in this price range?

  3. tractorcrusher


    ~ Comic Book Guy


    I wish the 1-10 was this price

  5. super_one11

    Umm, anyone who reads that comment should look through the glass with their own eyes and I definitely think you will see a difference between glass concerning Viper and Razor. You’ll also notice a difference with glass edge. If you don’t, then idk. It may not mean enough to people to pay the xtra $$, but there is definitely a difference to me when viewing them with my eyes.

  6. GrimDarkGunner

  7. GinkoBilobey

    Just got mine, it’s great and this is an excellent price. But if your budget can’t stretch to afford this the viper is like 75-80% razor. I have both.

  8. iwilltalkaboutguns

    So i have genIII because it went on a scar17 and i figured I’m going to shoot real far with it… In retrospect this would have been a better purchase, i never go past 7-8X max…and most of the time stays at 6X. 10X the eye box is so weird I spend more time adjusting myself… 1 to 6 is the sweet spot for sure.

    I have a genII4.5-27X for my Scar20 and I do love that thing. The genIII is just trying to do too much, it’s still great and i don’t regret the purchase but getting this for less than half the price would have been fine.

  9. BlastingMolasses

    I have the Gen III and the Gen II and compared to the Viper I don’t see or feel much of a difference tbh. I do prefer the MRAD reticle though and notice the difference at longer distances. Take that how you will

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  11. Removed-Californian

    This is a pretty good price isn’t it?

  12. nondisclosure-

    Would’ve ordered from euro but I’m never home and they wouldn’t accept shipping to another address so I ordered the E for 180$ more from Liberty. Idk why some places won’t ship to a different address if you can’t be home in time for a pakidge delivery. Would not recommend based on this alone. Euro lost a customer.

  13. AZ_Gunner_69

    I got one of these, its ok if you like bad ass scopes

  14. pbsolaris

    SFP. Pass!

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